VIDEO: NFL Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Robert Griffin III’s Ridiculous Claim About Patrick Mahomes & Tom Brady

Robert Griffin III speaking on show (left). Tom Brady

Robert Griffin, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (Photos via @RGIII Twitter and Getty Image)

NFL analyst and former star quarterback Robert Griffin III has football fans losing their minds over his bold take regarding Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a second straight Super Bowl victory in February, countless fans and prognosticators began to discuss what Mahomes would need to accomplish to unseat Brady as the greatest of all-time. If you ask Robert Griffin III, No. 15 isn’t far from taking the throne for himself.

Speaking on a recent episode of his “RG3 and The Ones” program, Griffin III stated that Mahomes will be the best quarterback ever if he leads the Chiefs to a successful Super Bowl three-peat next season

“If Mahomes can pull that off and win three Super Bowls in a row, I honestly think you can make the argument that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time…The dominance that Patrick Mahomes has shown with Andy Reid and that group is worth mentioning about him being the greatest of all time. He’s already the second greatest quarterback of all time, in such a short span.

If he can win three in a row, I think he will surpass Tom Brady and be the greatest quarterback ever. He’s already the most talented one we’ve ever seen.”

As you would have expected, Robert Griffin III’s hot take was met with plenty of rebuttal from football fans:

Most people agree that the greatest of all time (GOAT) debate comes down to Super Bowl rings. Brady has four more than Mahomes, but of course, he won his first five before Mahomes was even in the NFL.

But Mahomes is certainly on a solid pace to sniff Brady’s seven-ring count. Remember, Brady won his last four championships after his 37th birthday. Mahomes already has three ahead of his age-29 season.

Robert Griffin III Opens Up A Fun Debate

It’s natural for sports fans to compare active athletes to past legends. The Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate has been going for years, and some folks will make a case for Mike Trout surpassing Babe Ruth as the best baseball player ever.

One can easily argue that Mahomes is the all-around most skilled and talented quarterback to ever live. But fair or not, quarterback wins and championship rings will almost always be the deciding factor in the GOAT debate.

But if Mahomes can somehow match (or even top) Brady’s ring count of seven, the debate will tilt in favor of No. 15.

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