Taylor Swift Send 5 Clear Messages to Travis Kelce Regarding His Drunken Behavior at The Super Bowl Celebration.

Taylor Swift Send 5 Clear Messages to Travis Kelce Regarding His Drunken Behavior at The Super Bowl Celebration 

Travis Kelce

66, took in the scene at the club with her eyes wide. Taylor proceeded to swivel the camera to show her face, cringing playfully at the awkward celebration.



Travis and Jason Kelce Joke Taylor Swift Made It to the Super Bowl – Hollywood Life




Fans were shocked to see Taylor officially launch her relationship with Kelce, which began last summer.

“This feels like i’m on your close friends story i love it 😭,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section, with another adding, “BYE WHY DID I NOT REALIZE THIS WAS POSTED BY THE

TAYLOR SWIFT.”clip began with footage of Kelce, 34, sticking out his tongue for the camera. Swift later panned over his head to show a view of the afterparty crowd before showing her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, sitting in a booth beside her.

The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Backlash Has Begun

Music blared in the background as Scott, 71, took a sip of his drink while decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear.


“It’s a friends and family party they said,” Taylor wrote in text positioned over the video. “Bring your parents they said.”


Taylor Swift didn’t hold back when addressing Travis Kelce’s behavior at the Super Bowl celebration. In a series of clear messages, she made her thoughts known to both Kelce and her fans.

Firstly, Taylor captured the scene with her eyes wide, indicating her surprise and perhaps discomfort at the situation. She then playfully cringed at the awkward celebration, subtly expressing her disapproval.

Next, she swiveled the camera to show her own face, further emphasizing her reaction to Kelce’s drunken behavior. This visual cue conveyed her feelings more explicitly, adding weight to her message.

Through text overlaid on the video, Taylor highlighted the unexpected nature of the celebration, particularly the presence of her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift. This served to underscore the inappropriateness of Kelce’s behavior in front of family members.

By sharing the video on her TikTok, Taylor officially addressed her relationship with Kelce, signaling to fans that they are indeed together. This choice to make their relationship public further emphasized the significance of the situation.

Overall, Taylor’s messages to Kelce were clear: his behavior was not acceptable, especially in the presence of her family. By sharing her reactions with her audience, she made it evident that she was not amused by the situation.

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