Problems emerge between Mahomes and Brittany over behaviour at Mavericks game

Problems emerge between Mahomes and Brittany over behaviour at Mavericks game

Problems emerge between Mahomes and Brittany over behaviour at Mavericks game


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, attended a Dallas Mavericks game, garnering attention due to an apparent icy exchange caught on video.


Problems emerge between Mahomes and Brittany over behaviour at Mavericks game

Despite being a high-profile couple, the awkward dynamic surprised fans, who noted that such scrutiny isn’t new for Patrick, as he had a similarly chilly moment with his brother, Jackson, not long ago.

Generally, Patrick enjoys spending time with Brittany, but their recent interaction at the Mavericks game raised eyebrows.

A family making headlines
The couple is accustomed to making headlines, with Brittany consistently in the news for various reasons, including her outfit choices, intimate date night photos with Mahomes, and lively boat party pictures.

Back in July, Mahomes spoke to People at the premiere of the new Netflix documentary series, ‘Quarterback’, about his wife, who he married in July 2022, as well as his family support group, which includes daughter Sterling Skye and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

“I have a great wife. I think that helps out a ton,” said Mahomes.

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“She helps me out a ton by taking stuff off my plate.

“I have great people around me and I can be Patrick Mahomes.

“I can be myself, the same person I’ve grown up being – and luckily that’s won a couple of Super Bowls.”

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