Fans Jubilate as Donna Kelce mistakenly announce the wedding date of Travis Kelce and Taylor swift on a podcast “Travis is Finally getting married soon”

Fans Jubilate as Donna Kelce mistakenly announce the wedding date of Travis Kelce and Taylor swift on a podcast “Travis is Finally getting married soon”


Donna Kelce has opened up on her decision to change her Facebook profile picture just days before Super Bowl LVIII, as she revealed that she did not plan on doing so until she got caught up in the moment after Kansas City’s AFC Championship win.

Appearing on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday, the mother of two, who was just unveiled as Ziploc’s first-ever Chief Leftover Officer (CLO), revealed that she wasn’t ‘calculating’ anything by wanting a group photo with others, including Taylor Swift, who also happened to be in the Chiefs’ suite to watch the win over the Ravens in Baltimore, a fortnight ago.

‘That was a picture where all of us were so excited that we were in the suite and we were so excited that [the Chiefs] made it to the Super Bowl that we just took a shot of everybody that was there!,’ said Donna at first. ‘It wasn’t anything like calculating or anything like that… it just was everybody that was supporting my son and I was so happy to put that picture on Facebook.’

Much to the delight of his entourage, Kelce scored an early touchdown in that game – a showdown that many thought the Chiefs would lose – before also overtaking Jerry Rice’s incredible record of 151 postseason receptions

Donna Kelce Worked A Raising Cane's Drive-Thru Window Before Attending  Sons' Game

Donna Kelce, mother of Kansas City Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce, recently shed light on her decision to update her Facebook profile picture ahead of Super Bowl LVIII.

During an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Donna, who serves as Ziploc’s inaugural Chief Leftover Officer, explained that the change wasn’t a calculated move but rather a spontaneous expression of joy and excitement.

The photo captured the euphoria shared among attendees in the suite following the Chiefs’ AFC Championship victory.

Donna clarified that the decision to include a group photo, featuring herself, Taylor Swift, and others, stemmed from the sheer elation of witnessing her son’s team secure a spot in the Super Bowl.

Her remarks underscored the genuine camaraderie and support among friends and family, emphasizing the collective celebration of Travis Kelce’s success and the team’s achievement.

Donna’s candid account reflects the authentic emotions surrounding pivotal moments in sports and the cherished memories created by shared experiences.

Furthermore, the mention of Travis Kelce’s impactful touchdown during the game adds depth to the significance of the photo, symbolizing a crucial step in the Chiefs’ journey to the ultimate championship game.

In essence, Donna Kelce’s story offers a heartwarming glimpse into the pride and excitement felt by loved ones of athletes, showcasing the power of sports to unite and uplift communities.

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