“Why would he not kiss her on the lips”: Expert Has A Bad News After Taylor Swift’s Kiss With Her Boyfriend Travis Kelce

Whether you may be one of her most loyal fans among the millions all around the world, or you may not know about her, the name Taylor Swift will surely stoke your interest when you hear it. Making headlines with her latest completing the first leg of her performances in the US, she also recently became the talk of the town when she announced that she was dating Kansas City Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

After week of rumors floating around about the pop sensation being seen with the football tight end, they recently made their relationship public. Coming to their most recent sighting, she was seen in an Instagram post kissing her new partner on the cheek. This picture, however, sparked a nasty rumor that they might not be the couple they look like, and an expert may have just debunked their seemingly fake romance.

Body Language Expert Reveals That Taylor Swift’s Latest Picture With Her Boyfriend Is Staged

The latest photo of Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce

The latest photo of Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce

It’s not often that many pop stars drop heavy-hitting bombs on their fanbase one after the other, but Taylor Swift has been on a roll with these tactics recently. After having a record-breaking first leg of her r come to a close, she revealed that she has found a new partner in the NFL’s Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce.

But this might just be another product of showbiz, which body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed.

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In a recent Instagram post made by Chariah Gordon, the Chiefs’ wide receiver Mecole Hardman’s girlfriend, we can see the singer kissing Kelce on the cheeks. This image was very adorable to look at, but soon, many fans pointed out that this just seemed fake for some reason. Here’s where Stanton came in, saying that this image was indeed staged. 

He said that the sportsman was looking at the camera along with the other couple as if posing for the shot and not really paying attention to the kiss, which added by other factors pointed by him, says that the picture taken is staged. He said (via Spin Genie):

“If you look at Travis Kelce’s expression in these photos, it’s almost like one of glee like ‘look at me’. We might think ‘Why would he not kiss her on the lips if she was his girlfriend?’ However, it’s clear the photo is staged as the foursome are looking at the camera, which alters their dynamics.”

While he’s confirmed that this post was indeed taken just for the ‘gram, Stanton also said that this might be the new couple taking a defensive stance against the internet. Looking at Swift’s past dating life, it can be that they are indeed in love with each other, but just protective about showing it.

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Who Is Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce Travis Kelce

While his recognition may have blown up after recently coming into a relationship with one of the most popular and successful singers in the world, Travis Kelce has a lot of accolades under his belt to warrant respect.

Selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013’s NFL Draft, the man has been playing at the tight end position in their lineup for a decade at this point. The star, on top of being the best man for the job, is also widely revered as one of, if not the best tight end of all time, commemorated by being awarded the Pro Bowler title eight times in his career.

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