Watch : Taylor Swift signed 2 years contract worth $3.7m with Travis Kelce’s four-year-old niece in to her music world ; after singing Taylor’s song…

Watch : Taylor Swift signed 2 years contract worth $3.7m with Travis Kelce’s four-year-old niece in to her music world ; after singing Taylor’s song…

Watch : Taylor Swift signed 2 years contract worth $3.7m with Travis Kelce’s four-year-old niece in to her music world ; after singing Taylor’s song...


Travis Kelce’s niece is a Swiftie, and appears to ship Traylor wholeheartedly

Watch : Taylor Swift signed 2 years contract worth $3.7m with Travis Kelce’s four-year-old niece in to her music world ; after singing Taylor’s song...
In a wholesome TikTok posted by Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, on Monday, their four-year-old daughter, Wyatt, familiarized herself with her dad’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, play against the Los Angeles Rams.

“Just another swiftie tryna [sic] learn football, or a kid tryna avoid a nap. Who Knows?” the NFL wife jokingly captioned the pictures, shouting out her husband’s team with a “#GoBirds”…

As the sharp-witted repeatedly asked “who’s that,” pointing to the screen when a player would pop up, Kylie obligingly answered, further explaining their roles.

The caption referred to the phenomenon following pop sensation Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce’s budding romance, whereby Taylor’s devoted fanbase, who call themselves “Swifties”, started studying up on the NFL.


Watch : Taylor Swift signed 2 years contract worth $3.7m with Travis Kelce’s four-year-old niece in to her music world ; after singing Taylor’s song...

Moreover, as Swift took a breather from her ongoing record-breaking Eras Tour and attended multiple of her new admirer’s football games over the past few weeks, the league’s viewership drew in a huge female viewership, per Page Six.

Now, if her dad being in the NFL wasn’t already enough to pique her interest in football, the blossoming romance between her uncle and her favourite musician seemed to have done the job.

Travis Kelce’s Niece Wyatt Is a Confirmed “Swiftie” in Adorable Video Amid Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, shared a sweet TikTok video showcasing their 4-year-old daughter Wyatt watching football on the heels of Travis Kelce’s rumored romance with Taylor Swift.

Kylie Kelce knows this play all too well.

Jason Kelce‘s wife Kylie posted a video of their daughter Wyatt, 4, asking a slew of questions about the Philadelphia Eagles’ football game they had on—and Kylie couldn’t help but give a playful assist to her brother-in-law Travis Kelce‘s rumored romance with Taylor Swift.

While watching the game from the couch, Wyatt asked who’s who on the field, and Kylie sweetly explained each player—bringing a smile to the little girl’s face as she particularly liked A.J. Brown‘s pink cleats.

The 31-year-old hilariously captioned her Oct. 9 TikTok, “Just another swiftie tryna learn football, or a kid tryna avoid a nap. Who knows? #GoBirds.”

Kylie’s cheeky video comes on the heels of Travis sharing how he has been handling the intense media attention surrounding his dynamic with Taylor. …Ready for it?

“I’m rolling, man,” the tight-end said during a press conference Oct. 6. “We won three in a row, trying to get to four in a row. As all the attention comes, it feels like I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl—and right now, even more on top of the world.”

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs Game 2, 2023

Taylor Swift Brings Her Squad to Travis Kelce’s NFL Game

As for the constant attention from the media and fans alike, Travis is going to simply shake it off.

“We’re learning with the paparazzi just taking photos all over the place,” the Kansas City Chiefs player confessed. “At the same time, it comes with it. You’ve got a lot of people that care about Taylor, and for good reason.”

And since the NFL may need to calm down as well, Travis hopes that keeping a blank space about his time spent with the pop star will help quell gossip.

“I think everybody’s just overwhelmed,” the athlete shared on his and brother Jason’s New Heights podcast Oct. 4. “I think it’s fun when they show who all is at the game, you know? I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, I think—”

“They’re overdoing it,” Jason interjected, to which Travis agreed, noting, “They’re overdoing it a little bit for sure—especially my situation. But I think they’re just trying to have fun with it.”

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Kylie Kelce, Wyatt
Kylie Kelce/ TikTok

And to be enchanted by why Travis could be “The 1” for Taylor, keep reading…

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce
Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images; Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

No. 1: He’s a Swiftie

Long before Taylor Swift‘s attendance at the Kansas City Chief’s Sept. 24 game became one of the definitive pop culture moments of the year, Travis Kelce was an admirer of the Grammy winner.

The star tight end’s interest in Taylor was first revealed by one of his teammates in a TikTok video posted by the Chiefs in August (which, in hindsight, was when the pair were secretly dating). 

Before Travis could answer the prompt of who his celebrity crush was, wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling spilled, “Taylor Swift!”

Travis smiled at the camera before holding his finger up to his moustache, saying, “Alright now!”

Plus, Travis was just one of many celebs to attend Taylor’s record-breaking Eras Tour this summer. But more on that enchanting moment in a bit…

Taylor Swift, Travis KelceMonica Schipper/Getty Images; Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

No. 2: He’s Not Her Usual Type (on Paper)

While he does have that daydream look in his eyes (especially when he sees Taylor on the big-screen at one of his games), Travis stands out a bit when you look back at Taylor’s dating history.

She is typically attracted to creative types, including actors (Joe Alwyn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Tom Hiddleston) and musicians (Calvin Harris, John Mayer, Harry Styles and, most recently, Matty Healy).

But perhaps that’s why her romance with the lighthearted and cheeky athlete—who signed a four-year deal with the Chiefs worth $57 million in 2020—feels like such a refreshing option for Taylor after her six-year uber-private relationship with Joe came to an end in April 2023.

Travis Kelce, Taylor SwiftJC Olivera/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

No. 3: He Publicly Pursued Her

Looks like the eight-time Pro Bowler’s wishes came true after he all but manifested his rumored romance with the superstar through sheer will, determination and declarations of infatuation.

Travis publicly aired his failed attempt to shoot his shot and talk to Taylor when he attended the Kansas City stop on her Eras Tour July 7. As it turns out, he had a special gift for her: A friendship bracelet bearing his “number” that he hoped to give Taylor. (He wouldn’t definitely say if it was his jersey number or phone number.)

Despite his claim that he was “disappointed” he failed to meet her after the concert, Taylor confirmed to TIME that she belatedly caught his podcast pass.

“Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” she recalled. “We started hanging out right after that. So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other.”

So, that whole theory about the Sept. 24 game being their first official hang? As Taylor clarified to TIME, “We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.”

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