VIDEO: NFL Fans Had All Sorts Of Things To Say After Giants Rookie WR Malik Nabers Was Spotted “Throwing Thousands Of Dollars” At Gentlemen’s Club

Malik Nabers (Photos via ynhprimetime/IG)© Provided by Total Pro Sports

New York Giants rookie Malik Nabers is taking some heat online after popping up in a strip joint video this weekend.

The wide receiver has taken a big leap money-wise as he’s gone from making NIL cash to first-round-pick money, having been selected as the No. 6 overall pick by the Giants in April.

Following his time with the LSU Tigers, there’s a lot of expectation on the wideout’s young shoulders. But he’s out there having fun for now and was recently spotted throwing money at a strip club.

The original video, posted to Instagram by ynhprimetime, shows Nabers throwing bills while dancing. Dov Kleiman has since reposted it, claiming he was “throwing thousands of dollars.”

Check it out below:

A photo from the original story suggests that more than $1,000 was in the mix, but we can’t be sure he threw all of it away.

Malik Nabers’ one-dollar bills (Photo via ynhprimetime/IG)© Provided by Total Pro Sports

Malik Nabers Had Fans All Over The Place

The video has garnered mixed reactions, with some fans blasting the rookie while others felt it shouldn’t matter what he does with his own free time and money.

“Lesson to all rookies: Don’t do this,” one user wrote.

“It’s his money,” suggested another.

“Bro should save that money he’ll be out of the league in three years,” said a third.

“As a lifelong Giants fan I think we should cut him and move on,” said a fourth.

“Already blowing yo lil signing bonus…y ain’t nobody telling him he shouldn’t be doing this off a rookie salary especially a receiver salary,” a fan remarked.

“What a guy, really happy he is putting someone through college and feeding families they don’t make em like this anymore super proud,” joked another.

A user said, “This is why the bears had Rome higher than Nabers.”

“let homie live,” one declared. “training camp aint even start yet.”

Nabers has looked great for the Giants on the practice field, making some remarkable catches, although he didn’t seem happy to be part of the team in the early going based on his body language.

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