(VIDEO) Kanye West Reveals Corey Gambles Weird Relationship With Justin Bieber!

Kanye West Reveals Corey Gamble MOLESTED Justin Bieber!

It is absolutely no news that Kanye West is now a sworn enemy of the KarJenners, and because of this, we see him spilling their te, he’s got some things to say abea without any hesitation.

But this timout Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble. And best believe that they are not pleasant things at all. Ready for more of this juicy gossip, then welcome to Gaybible, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the hottest topics in the industry.

In today’s video we look at Kanye West Reveals Corey Gamble MOLESTED Justin Bieber!

Kanye West thành lập trường học mới, khẳng định tạo ra "thế hệ thiên tài" |  VTV.VN

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Kanye West and others are raising concerns about Corey Gamble’s secretive nature and his role within the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kanye’s accusations about Corey being “Godless” and possibly involved in monitoring celebrities like Justin Bieber on behalf of figures like Diddy have sparked controversy and speculation.

The lack of information about Corey’s background and family, coupled with his close relationship with high-profile individuals like Diddy, has led to suspicions about his true intentions and allegiances.

Justin Bieber gần đạt được thỏa thuận trị giá 200 triệu USD để bán bản  quyền âm nhạc | VTV.VN

Kanye’s suggestion that Corey may have been sent to Justin Bieber to keep him in check raises questions about Corey’s role as a potential handler or monitor for influential figures in the entertainment industry.

Despite Kanye’s allegations, Kris Jenner and some members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have defended Corey, with Kris dismissing concerns about his secretive nature and others acknowledging their discomfort but feeling powerless to address the situation.

Overall, the situation surrounding Corey Gamble and his relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner family remains murky, with allegations and speculation swirling about his true intentions and role within the entertainment industry.

Kanye West’s criticism of Corey Gamble has led to speculation about Corey’s true intentions and relationship with Kris Jenner.

Many believe that Corey may be taking advantage of Kris’s wealth and status, viewing him as a “sugar mama” figure. Insider sources have indicated that Corey has no plans to marry Kris, further fueling suspicions about his motives.

Additionally, Corey’s past relationship with his ex, Sheree Buchanan, has raised concerns. Sheree has accused Corey of being an opportunist and a stalker, alleging that he was primarily interested in power and money.

She also claimed that Corey physically abused her and would show up unannounced at her home, prompting her to change her locks.

Given these allegations and revelations, there is growing concern about Corey’s presence in the Kardashian-Jenner family and his potential impact on their well-being.

While some may dismiss these claims as unfounded, others are wary of Corey’s behavior and its implications for those around him.

The situation remains complex, and further developments may shed light on Corey’s true nature and intentions.

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