Tony Dungy Says Taylor Swift ‘Disenchants’ NFL Fans As a Distraction

Tony Dungy Says Taylor Swift ‘Disenchants’ NFL Fans As a Distraction

Tony Dungy’s stirring up bad blood with the NFL’s new golden goose in Taylor Swift … essentially saying she distracts from the sport, which he thinks is a very bad thing.

In a recent interview with Fox News, the former NFL player/coach was asked how he felt about Travis Kelce’s biggest fan, and he said the “Taylor Swift effect” takes away from on-field action … going on to compare her to outside noise now infecting the game itself.

Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy Sends a Blunt Message About Taylor Swift Attending Games - Parade

TD said, “That’s the thing that’s disenchanting people with sports now. There’s so much on the outside coming in. Entertainment value and different things taking away from what really happens on the field.”

Dungy’s not some just loud-mouthed commentator either … the guy’s got credentials to back up his claims. Tony played three seasons in the NFL before embarking on a coaching career which earned him a Super Bowl title and a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Tony Dungy Says Taylor Swift 'Disenchants' NFL Fans As a Distraction

Of course, Taylor’s been a frequent guest in Travis’ suite at Chiefs games since mid-September and even showed up as recently as New Year’s Eve against the Bengals. She’ll reportedly hit up the playoff game in K.C. against the Dolphins tonight despite ice-cold temperatures.

We don’t know if TS has seen the interview yet, but we have a pretty good idea of what her reaction might be … if her viral Golden Globes stare-down of Jo Koy is any indication.

Will Taylor Swift Be at the Chiefs-Patriots Game Cheering on Travis Kelce? - Parade

Remember, Taylor shot daggers at the GG host during his rough opening monologue when he said, “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL — on the Golden Globes we have fewer camera shots to Taylor Swift.”

A seemingly harmless joke that didn’t go over well, but Dungy and Koy seem to have the same point here … Taylor herself isn’t the issue. It’s the NFL tearing focus away from its primary product, its own games, to grab interest from a new audience.

Still, it’s clearly pretty easy to catch strays when you’re just trying to support your man … hopefully Taylor can shake it off before Saturday night’s 5 PM PT kickoff.

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