Taylor Swift Poses with Brittany Mahomes After Kansas City Chiefs’ Victory: ‘Twinning & Winning’

Taylor Swift Poses with Brittany Mahomes After Kansas City Chiefs’ Victory: ‘Twinning & Winning’

Patrick Mahomes is headed to the next playoff round, but the happiest person in his household has to be his wife, Brittany … who posted a crap load of photos with her new twin.

Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes pose in matching custom jackets at Chiefs'  playoff game: 'Twinning and winning' ...Middle East

taylor swift and Brittany Mahomes

The mother-of-two and former college soccer star shared the pics from Saturday night’s 26-7 Chiefs win where she posed with pop sensation Taylor Swift.

taylor swift and Brittany Mahomes

TS and BM hit a series of poses ranging from cute and flirty to downright silly … and close friend and fellow WAG Lyndsay Bell hopped in for a couple pics too.

taylor swift and Brittany Mahomes

Mahomes made reference to their matching puff jackets — emblazoned with the names of their footballing beaus on the back — in her caption, writing “Twinning & Winning💯.”

As you well know … Brittany and Taylor sparked up a fast friendship amidst Tay’s whirlwind romance with Travis Kelce, who is very close to Patrick and the Mahomes family.

On top of taking in games together, the dynamic duo have hung out several times including dinners in NYC … where Mahomes rubbed elbows with celebs like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid.

Taylor swift and Brittany Mahomes

Most recently, the friends (along with Bell) grabbed dinner at Spago in L.A. last weekend when the Chiefs came to town to play the Chargers.

Some of their time together has drawn mixed reactions — remember their “cringe” handshake during October — but the duo doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks … easy to do when you’re part of the uber-rich.

Anyway, the duo seemed to have a good time during the game … though Taylor seemed too preoccupied flirting with her man after to pay attention to anything else!

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