Patrick Mahomes receives the worst news and reacts to L’Jarius Sneed’s departure from Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes receives the worst news and reacts to L’Jarius Sneed’s departure from Chiefs

Sneed will become one of the NFL’s best paid cornerbacks with the Tennessee Titans



After weeks of swirling rumors and uncertainties surrounding the fate of Kansas City Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed, the long-awaited trade has finally materialized.

The bombshell was dropped by ESPN’s Adam Schefter late on Friday, March 22, revealing that Kansas City was on the brink of sealing a deal to dispatch Sneed to the Tennessee Titans.

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Schefter detailed the expected terms, mentioning that the Chiefs would net a 2025 3rd-round pick along with a 2024 7th-round pick exchange, pending Sneed’s physical examination.

Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schultz added to the narrative, disclosing that Sneed is poised to ink a lucrative four-year, 76-million-dollar contract, with a staggering 55 million of that guaranteed.

This revelation comes as a bitter pill for Chiefs Kingdom to swallow. Mere hours before the trade bombshell, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes expressed his desire to retain Sneed within the fold. Speaking at the 101 Awards, Mahomes conceded his lack of authority in the matter but extolled Sneed’s virtues as a player and person, emphasizing his invaluable contribution to the team’s ethos.

“We want everybody to get their money. So, whatever happens, we’ll be excited for him. But hopefully, that’s with the Kansas City Chiefs,” Mahomes remarked.

How much will the Chiefs save in cap space with Sneed’s departure?


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The news of Sneed’s departure elicited immediate reactions from his teammates. Chiefs safety Justin Reid poured out his support for Sneed, while defensive end Charles Omenihu succinctly summed up his thoughts with a resounding “Sheeshhh.”

Despite Sneed’s departure, the Chiefs find solace in the financial relief of approximately 20 million in cap space. Nonetheless, with glaring gaps to address in their roster, they face a daunting task of reshaping their squad ahead of the 2024 NFL season kickoff.

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