Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant wife Brittany sends four-word message after Chiefs QB meltdown

Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant wife Brittany sends four-word message after Chiefs QB meltdown

Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany sends four-word message after Chiefs QB meltdown


Daily Mirror’s  Editor Russell  says Patrick and Brittany are apparently going their own separate ways to explore different career opportunities.


Brittany is slowly separating herself from Patrick and is hoping to take full custody of their two young kids.

The couple’s relationship has been rumoured to be on the rocks in recent weeks following a number of high-profile incidents, which has led to speculation they are close to going their separate ways.

This has been questioned further after the couple did not publicly celebrate or mark their fifth wedding anniversary,

Recent reports claim that the Brittany is said to have her own private room

Angela , who has written multiple books about the , claims that Brittany is planning to break up with Patrick.

Speaking about their relationship on GB News, she claims that their marriage had “disintegrated very badly” following the wedding.


“So she is absolutely separating from him. As you said, she hasn’t been anywhere where he really needed her. He’s got a mental health issue and he needs somebody there to prop him up.

“Anyone would actually, but she keeps away. So he’s doing all the nasty stuff, and she’s sailing on ahead. And I think that’s the beginning of the end of it for him because she’s planning.

“In my opinion, here is what she is doing, she was making sure that he’s in a hopeless situation so that she can get the children and he’s completely isolated from his family and friends.”

The rift between Brittany and Patrick appears to be deepening, with Brittany reportedly taking steps to distance herself from her husband and seeking full custody of their two children.

Speculation about the state of their relationship has been rife in recent weeks, fueled by several notable incidents that suggest their union may be on the brink of collapse.

Notably, the couple conspicuously failed to acknowledge or celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary publicly, further fueling rumors of discord.

Recent reports have even suggested that Brittany has gone as far as to secure her own private space, indicating a potential physical separation from Patrick.

Adding weight to these rumors, Angela, a respected author with insights into the couple’s dynamics, has suggested that Brittany is indeed contemplating a breakup.

Speaking candidly on GB News, Angela described the state of their marriage as having “disintegrated very badly” since their wedding day.

According to Angela, Brittany’s actions suggest a deliberate distancing from Patrick, particularly in moments when he needs her support the most due to his mental health struggles.

Angela suggests that Brittany’s behavior indicates a calculated strategy to position herself favorably in any potential custody battle, potentially isolating Patrick from his support network in the process.

While the details remain speculative, it’s evident that Brittany and Patrick’s relationship is facing significant challenges, with their future as a couple hanging in the balance.

As the situation unfolds, observers are left to wonder whether reconciliation remains possible or if the couple is indeed headed for a definitive split.

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