Patrick Mahomes beats up wife Brittany and chases her out the house,as paternity test results reveals he is NOT her biological Father

Patrick Mahomes beats up wife Brittany and chases her out the house,as paternity test results reveals he is NOT her biological Father


Many things are wrong in our society today, but one serious problem is that people seem to have no self-awareness.




Like is nothing be cause and effect or action and reaction if you prefer it broken down to something simpler. The problem many people have is they don’t take into account their actions and seem confused when the reactions take place. None of us know what type of person Brittany Matthews is behind closed doors.

She has been with Mahomes since he was 15 when she had no clue that he would be this big of a star and $500 million QB. No one could know that 15, so I have to assume she actually loves him for him, and that may be the reason why Mahomes is loyal to her. It is hard, especially once you hit the level of fame that Mahomes has hit, to find someone who loves you just for who you are. Do you really think Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend would be with him if he worked at Wendy’s?

With that being said, Matthews has no self-awareness. She says and does annoying things. That is what causes the reactions. I am sure Joe Burrow has a girlfriend, but she isn’t screaming in cameras, saying the refs are against the team and helping his brother do disrespectful and off-beat TikToks.

Matthews is a white woman, so it isn’t surprising that she seems to have no clue why people don’t like her, but that is just the Karen style behavior coming full circle.

Just a piece of advice, if you don’t want people talking to you, don’t bring attention to yourself by pouring champagne on fans from your luxury box. I am sure she didn’t think at the time she was doing any harm, but that is because white women never think about the visuals of certain things.

No one cares that you are rooting for your man and his team, but don’t play the victim when you brought all this on yourself.

Flip the page for her crying on social media about being picked on.

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