North West RETALIATES Against Kim Kardashian And Wants To Live With Kanye

You won’t believe the latest scoop on what’s going down in the Kardashian world!

It seems like she’s going through a bit of a tough time being away from her dad, Kanye.

The drama unfolded when she publicly called out her mom, Kim, for relying on nannies and chefs instead of spending quality time with her.

In a recent episode of the KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS show, Kim was seen venting about North expressing a desire to move in with Kanye.

Why, you ask? Well, it turns out Kanye doesn’t have a whole squad of people to look after his kids, and he chooses to spend genuine, quality time with them. They do simple, everyday things like cooking together, and North apparently loves it.

But that’s not all! Kim let it slip that North often breaks down in tears when she has to leave her dad.

This juicy tidbit comes just weeks after an inside source spilled the tea on how much time Kim actually spends with her kids.

Some fans are now saying it’s sad that North can’t live with Kanye, while Kim’s supporters are convinced that she’s the better parent.

The big question is, what did North say that made her prefer living with Kanye, and how does Kim really feel about this situation? It’s time to dive deep into the drama and get the full story!

So, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have gone their separate ways, but it seems like their daughter, North West, is a tiny detective on a mission to spill the beans on what’s happening in their household.

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, which, as you can imagine, got people talking.

Kanye went public with his concerns that Kim might be spoiling their kids and turning them into the next-gen Kardashian influencers. At first, folks thought Kanye was just being a bit too vocal, and some even accused him of making Kim look like a bad mom.

Now, here’s where it gets even juicier. Back in May, Kim had a chat with J. Shetty, and she made it sound like she’s the supermom doing it all. She talked about getting the kids ready for school, whipping up their meals, and playing the roles of both mom and dad.

But Kim Kardashian might not have seen this coming after thinking she’s got it all together. Her own kids, especially her eldest, North, are stepping up and exposing her secrets. It turns out that North is becoming more and more like her dad, Kanye, with each passing day.

But, fans aren’t exactly buying the idea that Kim K is working these marathon shifts. Even if she is, they argue that it’s her choice. After all, how much more money does one person need? They say she could easily cut back on work to spend more time with her kids. And what’s more, fans are noticing that the kids don’t seem all that attached to Kim, and it appears she’s not exactly their authority figure.

While North may be just 10 years old, she’s proving to be quite the firecracker in the Kardashian household. It’s almost as if she’s taken on the role of the family’s truth-teller. She’s boldly calling Kim out in a big way, and her revelations have sent ripples through the Kardashian clan.

One of North’s biggest gripes is Kim’s social media presence. She’s not afraid to accuse her mom of being inauthentic and more focused on her followers and fame than on her own flesh and blood. North’s unfiltered honesty is quite striking and has become a topic of fascination for those who follow the Kardashian drama.

Kim initially seemed to brush off North’s comments, perhaps thinking it was just childhood chatter. However, it’s become a real issue now, as North is expressing a strong desire to move in with her dad. She’s not holding back and is calling Kim out for relying on nannies and chefs instead of being a more present parent.

Of course, Kim’s devoted fans are coming to her defense, saying that North is better off with Kim, even if she uses nannies. Some argue that they have concerns about North’s safety around Kanye, especially considering his controversial statements. They believe Kim, despite her imperfections, is a more stable parent.

But some other supporters get why North wants a regular life. One of them posted, and they said “I think she just wants the life of a normal child and that’s why she enjoys staying at kanye’s.”

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