No NBA player actually thinks LeBron is the GOAT

“No NBA player genuinely believes LeBron is the GOAT,” reveals a reality about LeBron James revealed by a former teammate of Michael Jordan.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have long been at the top of the list of all-time great players. The most talked-about topic among fans, experts, and players over the years has been the disputes around the greatest player in NBA history. When recently questioned about the GOAT discussion, one of Jordan’s former teammates offered an un𝔢xp𝔢cted comment.

People say LeBron is the GOAT because he controls the media…no NBA player actually thinks LeBron is the GOAT

The achievements of both players are at the heart of the GOAT controversy. Supporters of the former top player for the Chicago Bulls contend that Jordan has won more MVP awards and championships; some even bring up his 6-0 Finals record.

The LA Lakers star’s supporters contend that his overall achievements should be taken into account. James is the only player with 40,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists. He also leads the club in scoring overall.

Fans have been interested in knowing NBA players’ opinions on the GOAT controversy throughout this whole ordeal. Kwame Brown was recently interviewed regarding the GOAT argument on the Dreamers Pro YouTube channel.

“Some claim LeBron is the greatest of all time because he has media sway. Brown stated, “No NBA player genuinely believes LeBron is the GOAT.

When players were asked to choose their GOAT, a number of them mentioned LeBron James. Isiah Thomas, the former outstanding guard for the Detroit Pistons, has officially declared the four-time champion to be his all-time great. In a similar vein, Allen Iverson named the Lakers star his all-time favorite player.

A few athletes are also ardent admirers of Jordan. Dwyane Wade, a close friend and former teammate of James, named the Bulls icon his greatest of all time. Even LeBron’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal lists Michael Jackson as his all-time favorite player. Finally, the former North Carolina standout was dubbed the greatest player of all time by his fellow NBA pal Carmelo Anthony.

LeBron James’ 40,000 points are not a big part in the GOAT discussion, according to NBA analysts.The only player in the NBA with 40,000 points in his career to date is LeBron James. Many people have recognized it as an amazing achievement and have included it in the GOAT discussion. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, however, disagrees that it should be taken into consideration when discussing the all-time great player.

“Here’s why I didn’t make a big deal of [James scoring 40,000 points],” Smith explained. “That’s why I’ll never rank him higher than Michael Jordan. I do not think that longevity is the GOAT debate. It’s what separated you from them at your finest. And what degree of hardship you were experiencing while you were performing at your peak.”

Smith brought up the fact that LeBron James benched DeMar DeRozan and that the Toronto Raptors struggled as a result of Jordan’s victory over the Bad Boy Pistons. He went on to say that Michael Jordan’s victory over Magic Johnson and the Lakers for his first ring is not comparable to King James’ choice to team up with Wade and Chris Bosh.

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