News Update: The behavior of Taylor Swift aпd Travis Kelce iп the Bahamas has drawп criticism as they were spotted makiпg oυt iп the water while weariпg oпly their swimwear. This is пot the first time this has happeпed, aпd υpset faпs are demaпdiпg that they fiпd a more private locatioп.

After adjusting to the temperature of the ocean, the singer and the Kansas City Chiefs star, both 34, enjoyed a rest in the shallow water as they snuggled up next to each other. Swift was also seen leaning down to kiss the NFL player, who subsequently pulled her close to him.

News Update: The behavior of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in the Bahamas has drawn criticism as they were spotted making out in the water while wearing only their swimwear. This is not the first time this has happened, and upset fans are demanding that they find a more private location.

Once the sun-kissed couple made their way back to shore, they dried themselves off — and shared a few more kisses — before lying down next to each other to catch some rays.

Fans rushed to social media to react to how all over each other the pair looked, with one tweeting: “I will be the first one to admit that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce PDA looks burning hot, spicy as F!!!”

“It looks like they couldn’t keep their hands – or their lips – off one another,” teased a second fan.

Swift and Kelce’s romantic day at the beach came after they were spotted walking across a dock earlier this week in the tropical destination.

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