NBA Star Dwight Howard ADMITS To Being Gay … Had THR**SOME w/ A Man & Transperson!!

NBA star Dwight Howard is the first big name sports star to officially come out, Media Take Out has learned. And he did so this week, in legal paperwork filed in response to a lawsuit.

In an explosive response to a lawsuit where a gay man accused NBA legend Dwight Howard of assault, Media Take Out confirmed that Dwight admitted in legal documents that he met his accuser Stephen Harper on social media in May 2021.

Stephen claims in the lawsuit that he was s****lly assaulted by Dwight so brutally that his bussy was torn to pieces by the 7 foot tall NBA player.

Dwight Howard: Dealing with sexuality allegations 'set me free'

Radar Online was the first to break this story.

Dwight denies assaulting Stephen but he admits to a WHOLE LOT. In his response, he admits having a thr**some with Harper and a person with male body parts named Kitty, who dressed as a woman.

In Stephen Harper’s lawsuit, he claims that he reached out to Dwight via direct message on Instagram. Stephen says Dwight responded and told him he was into “freaky” stuff and that he asked for Harper to send him explicit photos.

Dwight admitted, in his response to the lawsuit, that he did exchange texts with Harper between May 2021 to July 2021, “several of which included s**ually explicit content, such as photographs and videos.”


The ex-NBA star also admitted in the legal documents that Harper came over to his home on July 19, 2021. Howard admitted they went to his bedroom, removed their clothing, and “engaged in consensual kissing.”


In his lawsuit, Harper claimed Howard surprised him by bringing out trans-person, who called himself “Kitty.”

In his complaint, Harper said Dwight wanted a thr**some with Kitty, but he resisted. That’s when, according to Harper, he was assaulted.

Dwight Howard responded, saying first that he was NOT surprised by Kitty being in the bedroom. He said “Plaintiff was aware that [Kitty] would also be arriving at the home prior to Plaintiff even arriving at Defendant’s home.”

And according to Dwight, they all had a consensual three**some.

“The three agreed to touch one another and to engage in consensual sexual activity,” Howard’s lawyer wrote.


We’re utterly speechless.

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