LeBron James walked hand in hand with Savannah at iconic Roman tourist sites during their honeymoon trip

With a height of 6 feet 8 inches, he is a towering basketball player who manifestly diminishes the stature of many individuals.

As he continues his romantic honeymoon in Rome, LeBron James is currently even capable of diminishing the size of enormous structures in comparison to himself.

The athlete has ensured that numerous personal photographs are taken during his intimate getaway.




And since he appears to be in historic Italy, LeBron James took photographs of himself in front of each of the iconic landmarks.

Evidently in a lighthearted mood, he even extended his hand to form a small sign, which the photographs would construe as though he were transporting the distant monuments.

However, when not posing for the comical photographs alone, he was naturally documenting his honeymoon with his new wife Savannah Brinson.



As they explored the city, the two bundled up in front of a variety of landmarks.

However, as they captured holiday memories for their personal family albums, a significant number of other vacationers diverted their attention to capture an image of the celebrity.

In addition to visiting the Colosseum, they also paid homage to St. Peter’s Church, Altare della Patria, and the Vatican Museums by pausing to peruse the historical annotations that were specifically affixed for visitors.



Savannah and LeBron both opted for casual attire for their sightseeing excursion in the sunny metropolis.

The basketball player opted for an all-white ensemble, vest top and shorts that appeared to be consistent with his basketball persona.

Completing his casually stylish ensemble were a pair of white trainers featuring vivid yellow lacing.

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