LeBron James Shares What Really Kills Him In The Modern NBA

LeBron James has expressed his dislike for teams running the ‘two-for-one’ play at the end of the shot clock to maximize their offensive opportunities. LeBron referred to the two-for-one as something that ‘kills him’ in the modern NBA.

“I’mma tell you what kills me: The 2-for-1 shot at the end of quarters… I understand why the 2-for-1 is important… In theory, it’s a free shot. But what people don’t account for are the four or five possessions before that… If we haven’t gotten a great shot in three minutes and we’ve been turning the ball over, why will I dribble down and shoot a 40-footer with 33 on the clock? Why not get a great look? That great look at the end of the third, even if it’s one shot, may give us momentum going into the fourth quarter.

We see teams employ two-for-ones at the end of quarters consistently to ensure that they can end the quarter with the ball in their possession. For example, if a team rebounds the ball with 32 seconds left, if they get a shot up within four seconds, they ensure they can get the final possession of the quarter as the opposing team will be forced to shoot in 24 seconds or less.

While this has become a tool that allows teams to maximize their offensive potential, with many players even converting two-for-one opportunities, it is also looked at as a lazy solution to playing 24 seconds of good offense to create a better opportunity. Luka Doncic had to start tweeting mid-game during All-Star Weekend to justify a full-court heave with 22 seconds left as a ‘two-for-one’ opportunity.

The play is clearly frustrating veterans of the game like LeBron. But if the Lakers stand to benefit from a two-for-one in specific circumstances, James would happily rely on it to make an impact.

LeBron James Is Surprised That One Former Player Isn’t An NBA Coach Yet

LeBron has a very cerebral perspective on the game of basketball. Not only has he spent the last 21 years as a leader in dressing rooms but he has established himself as one of the smartest players in league history. The only time James has had a player on his team that is regarded as that intelligent was Rajon Rondo on the Lakers.

LeBron and Rondo won the 2020 title in the Bubble, with James openly saying he finds it weird that Rondo isn’t coaching at a high level, though he understands why.

“Rajon Rondo. He could do things on the go. It’s very weird to me that he’s not coaching at a high level – I think it’s because he doesn’t want to do it. Who wants to deal with these rich entitled guys all the time?”

NBA coaches can’t unilaterally control the lives of their players because these are all multi-millionaires. If Rondo is to find a home as a coach, he could start at the college level where he’ll be able to shape students and impose his tactical philosophy the way he wants to.

Maybe James one day also transitions to coaching at some level, though it’s hard to see why James with his billion-dollar net worth will care to do so himself as well.

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