LeBron James: ‘I feel like we’re losing the essence of the game of basketball’ and launches a podcast out of disappointment with the media

Throughout his entire career, LeBron James has been a fixture on sports programming, reflecting the evolution of these shows from being driven by highlights to being driven by debates. As the face of the NBA, LeBron has often found himself at the center of these debates, witnessing what many see as a regression rather than progression in sports media. Dissatisfied with the constant comparisons and discussions about legacies, LeBron decided to take action by launching the “Mind the Game” podcast alongside JJ Redick.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns

Following the Lakers’ victory over the Pacers, LeBron explained the motivation behind starting the podcast. He expressed concerns about the loss of the essence of basketball and the true meaning of the game, particularly in the context of its impact on youth. LeBron emphasized the need for a different approach to discussing basketball, one that goes beyond the daily debates dominating national television.

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While debate-driven shows have traditionally attracted viewers, LeBron recognized the detrimental effects of exclusively focusing on these discussions. He saw an opportunity to use his platform to create a podcast that offers a deeper understanding of the game, one that aligns with his genuine love for basketball and encourages thoughtful analysis. LeBron’s decision to prioritize insightful discussions over sensational debates represents a refreshing departure from the current landscape of sports media. Hopefully, the podcast will continue in this vein, providing audiences with valuable insights into LeBron’s perspective and enhancing their appreciation for the game.


Lakers' LeBron James gets ESPYs nod for breaking NBA record - Los Angeles  Times


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