JUSTIN Bieber’s wife Hailey slammed her husband for sparking pregnancy rumors.

Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey slams husband for pregnancy rumors & demands he ‘change’ post before fans ‘get it twisted’

JUSTIN Bieber’s wife Hailey slammed her husband for sparking pregnancy rumors.

Hailey, 24, took to the comments section of the singer’s recent Instagram post to demand he “change” the caption before fans “get it twisted.”

Justin Bieber convinced fans his wife, Hailey, is pregnant after the singer dropped a major hint in a recent Instagram photo


Justin Bieber convinced fans his wife, Hailey, is pregnant after the singer dropped a major hint in a recent Instagram photoCredit: Instagram

Hailey shut down speculation in the comments section


Hailey shut down speculation in the comments sectionCredit: Instagram

Justin, 27, took to Instagram to share the snap, which features him in a floral shirt, shorts, and a backwards hat, as he poses with his arms on his knees.

Alongside him sits Hailey, who sports a two-piece bikini, a sunhat, and sunglasses.

Fans were taken for a loop thanks to Justin’s caption, which reads: “Mom and dad.”

However, Hailey took to the comments section to shut down any pregnancy speculation by writing: “I think u should maybe change this caption to *Dog Mom and Dad* before anyone gets it twisted.”

Before the model set the record straights, Justin’s fans rushed to the comments section to wonder if the couple is expecting their first child together.

“Baby on the way?” one person suggested in the comments section, while another added, “Wait what? MOM AND DAD?!”

One person even seemed convinced that the couple will be adding a family member, as they wrote: “Yes, coming soon!”


It is all positive vibes for the famous pair who are currently in Mexico, which is a change in pace compared to the previous claim that Justin is seen “yelling” at his wife in a video in Las Vegas.

The clip of Justin talking energetically to Hailey after a surprise gig in Sin City quickly went viral.

At first glance, it looked like Justin is scolding Hailey as they are escorted through a casino by a gang of security guards as fans tail the entourage.

However, fans on Twitter jumped to the singer’s defense, claiming he looked so animated because of “adrenaline” after performing.

Stephen Baldwin’s youngest’s daughter defended her man, writing: “Had the best time surrounded by so much love. Any other narrative floating around is beyond false.

“Don’t feed into the negative bulls**t peeps.”


The performer has been quite open about the positive impact Hailey, who he married in 2018, has had on his life.

Back in March, as part of an exclusive playback session to mark the launch of his sixth album Justice, the star revealed the last 12 months have brought a host of behind-the-scenes challenges which saw him become “unstable.”

In a tribute to Hailey, he explained: “One of the tracks on the album is called Unstable, and for me it’s a really emotional song because I was in a really, really bad place — maybe a year ago.

“Fortunately my wife was just there for me through it all and so the whole message of the song is ‘You loved me when I was unstable.’


“She really held me down and, you know, just continued to love me through a really challenging, hard season that I’d been in — so the person in the song, that was me.”

The duo have also been quite openly affectionate with one another – previously, Justin made an X-rated joke about their sex life on Instagram.

The hitmaker hasn't been shy when it comes to talking about Hailey's positive impact on his life

The hitmaker hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about Hailey’s positive impact on his lifeCredit: Instagram

'She really held me down...' Justin previously said of Hailey's role in keeping him together while he was in a 'bad place'

‘She really held me down…’ Justin previously said of Hailey’s role in keeping him together while he was in a ‘bad place’Credit: Instagram

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