“I feel like I tried”: Tom Brady Opens Up About His Thoughts on NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Amid Rivalry

Now that Tom Brady has bid the NFL goodbye, people are excited to see another emerging star on the horizon who could seriously challenge Brady’s legacy.

That player is none other than Patrick Mahomes. Although Mahomes is not yet considered the GOAT like Brady, many believe that judging by his winning streak, he might achieve that status in no time.

Thus, recently, Brady shared his thoughts on this rising player who has the potential to surpass his records.

Tom BradyTom Brady

What Does Tom Brady Think About Patrick Mahomes?

Amidst all the comparisons between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, the seven-time ring champion revealed that there is no rivalry between the two.

While debates are intensifying and discussions are heating up in the sporting scene regarding whether Mahomes can surpass Brady’s illustrious records, the seven-time Super Bowl champion stated that he would be very happy if anyone could break his record.

Although Mahomes has currently won two championships, he has already made history in the sporting world.

At just 24, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory.

Although Tom Brady holds all-time records, Mahomes’ career scores till now very well rival Brady’s.

In his first seven seasons, Mahomes surpassed Brady’s early achievements, amassing 28,424 passing yards, and 219 TDs, and setting a record for playoff wins all just before the age of 30.

This rivalry is what adds excitement for fans, as Mahomes’ impressive scores have the potential to seriously challenge Brady for his title.

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Thus, he gears up for his third win, Brady’s words might be the motivation he needs. At The Pat McAfee Show,the legendary quarterback stated,

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

Now that Brady, after an illustrious legacy, has transitioned to commentary, he couldn’t be happier to welcome the up-and-comers to continue his legacy.

How Is Tom Brady Dealing With the Career Change?

After reigning as the top dog for over two decades, Tom Brady has now ventured into commentary with an alleged 10-year contract worth $375 million.

To say the least, he is extremely excited to explore and excel in this uncharted territory. People expect him to achieve greatness in this new path as well. Although things are new, he hopes to adapt swiftly and make his mark. In the same conversation, he stated,

And what adds to his excitement is the touch of nostalgia. He can’t wait for the upcoming season, especially because he’ll get to cover the Super Bowl next year in New Orleans.

This city holds a special place in his heart as it’s where he won his first title back in 2002.

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Tom Brady for the New England Patriots

Tom Brady for the New England Patriots

He thus further stated,

As the star player starts on a new chapter, his fans wish him nothing but the best. Importantly, even though he has left the sport, the sport will never leave him. So, Brady welcomes all the future greats with open arms.

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