He’s coming home: Bryce James, son of Lebron James… shocked at Notre Dame

He’s coming home: Bryce James, son of Lebron James… shocked at Notre Dame

He’s coming home: Bryce James, the son of Lebron James, is heading back to Sierra Canyon

Bryce James is heading back to the high school where he spent the last two seasons. The three-star guard, who is the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, is heading back home.

On Tuesday, Bryce James officially unenrolled from Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, California) and intends to re-enroll at Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, California). The junior spent the first two years of high school at Sierra Canyon.

The Trailblazers have already started their season and are 2-0.

His father, Lebron James, notoriously left his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers to take his talents to Miami.

He spent four seasons in south Florida before returning to Cleveland, where he won an NBA championship in 2016.

The decision by Bryce James isn’t quite as momentous, but it is still noteworthy in the world of prep basketball. The story was first broken by Sports Illustrated.

In the 247 Sports Composite, Bryce James is the No. 135 recruit in the nation in the class of 2025. He holds offers from Duquesne and Ohio State.

LeBron James’ son, Bryce James, returns to Sierra Canyon in shocking Notre Dame exit

LeBron James’ son Bryce James is reportedly returning to Sierra Canyon after his previous transfer to Notre Dame

LeBron James’ son Bryce James was expected to play for Notre Dame this season after his transfer.

However, James is reportedly returning to Sierra Canyon in a massive decision, per Tarek Fattal of SBLive Sports.

Fattal also reports that James will be eligible to play for Sierra Canyon as soon as he’s cleared by CIF.

Bryce is LeBron’s youngest son. Some people around the basketball world believe he will be a superstar someday. He has already been linked to top colleges such as Ohio State and USC.

Perhaps Bryce will choose to follow in his older bother Bronny James’ footsteps and join the Trojans.

Or he could play his college ball in Ohio, which is where LeBron is from. For now, Bryce will focus on taking care of business on the high school court.

Bryce James is back at Sierra Canyon

Bryce James played for Sierra Canyon during his freshman and sophomore seasons of high school. He performed well and has fans excited for the future.

Following his sophomore campaign, however, it was reported that Bryce would play for Campbell Hall, but he ended up transferring to Notre Dame instead.

And all of that led to this news breaking on Tuesday, as Bryce will play the 2023-24 season for the program where he originally began his high school career.

It is unclear what led to Bryce James’ decision. LeBron will surely be asked about it sooner rather than later. Regardless of the reasoning, this is a huge update for high school basketball.

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