Former NBA player Lamar Odom dating transgender actress Daniiellè Alexi: The truth behind(video).bb

Lamar Odom was once a successful basketball star. However, these days he’s more famous for his personal life than his professional. After letting his relationship with Khloe Kardashian eclipse his last few years in the NBA, Odom became famous for everything but basketball. Reality television has become his new safe haven, and how people have been able to keep tabs on his personal and romantic journeys. It appears Odom is back off the market, and his new lady could be a trans actress.


Lamar Odom has dated a few women since things ended with Khloe Kardashian, but he’s never been shy about wanting her back. This included several interviews where he claimed to still love her and be remorseful for all the things he put her through during their relationship. This included cheating on her with multiple women. Several relapses and even a death scare when he was found unresponsive in a bathhouse in Vegas. Khloe would eventually call it quits in 2016 after seven years of marriage.

She would move on to Tristan Thompson and a whole host of new relationship issues, which has included even more cheating and a child conceived outside of their divorce. Lamar tried to reach out to her publicly and asked to talk, admitting that he misses the family and would love to be a shoulder for her to cry on. No word on if they ever connected.

Lamar has not been just waiting around for Khloe, however. He briefly dated fitness trainer Sabrina Parr. The relationship was a complete mess and ended in a very public fallout between the two, with Lamar alleging that she stole his passport and tried to hack his social media accounts. He then was spotted with Love and Hip-Hop star Karlie Redd, but the two said they were just friends. Odom raised some eyebrows during his time on Big Brother, where he was repeatedly caught flirting and pillow-talking with queer singer Todrick Hall. In one montage, you can see the pair cuddle, and Lamar even pinched his nipple. Todrick says in his confessional that Lamar confessed to being open to dating him if he was gay. Unfortunately, the pair would not end on good terms, as Todrick would eventually get him kicked out of the house.

Lamar seems to be open to exploring different types of love and people, and his latest connection could be further proof of that. Lamar has been getting really close with a transgender actress and model named Daniiellè Alexis. The Australian influencer recently posted a picture with Lamar saying, “One of the most beautiful humans I’ve met. 🐑💕” It’s unclear how long they’ve been friends, but fans in the comments seemed to love the pairing saying, “You guys are amazing together! 🔥🔥🔥,” and “He is [beautiful] and he needs to know and believe it and own it!! This looks like he’s owning it!💛💜”

Daniiellè has been doing a lot of acting and was recently in the Netflix series Wentworth. She is a champion for LGBTQIA rights and has been pushing for more trans-representation in Hollywood.

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