Angel Reese Unloads Her Thoughts On Controversial Iowa-UConn Ending That Has Everyone Furious

Angel Reese looking on (left). Aaliyah Edwards setting a screen (right).

LSU Tigers star Angel Reese has weighed in on the controversial ending in the Iowa-UConn Final Four game on Friday night that has sports fans and analysts completely outraged.

UConn was trailing 70-69 against Caitlin Clark and the Hawkeyes in the waning seconds, needing one more basket to punch their ticket to the National Championship Game. But during the Huskies’ possession, officials called an offensive foul on Aaliyah Edwards as she tried setting a screen for her teammate:

The questionable call against Edwards led to a change in possession. Clark made her first free throw after getting fouled, and the Hawkeye managed to snag the rebound when she missed the second one.

Iowa retained possession and ran out the clock to escape with a two-point victory. With the victory, they Hawkeyes will meet the South Carolina Gamecocks in the National Championship Game on Sunday.

Angel Reese took to X/Twitter to offer her take on the controversial call against Edwards. She too did not comprehend the call, believing that it was a clean screen set by the UConn star:

It’s unfortunate that an all-time classic of a game will be largely overshadowed by the controversial ending. But of course, sports fans are used to such things.

Angel Reese Has Plenty Of Backers

Take a quick search on social media or Google, and you’ll find countless folks agreeing with what Angel Reese had to say here. For one, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was also completely baffled by the call against Edwards.

In close games like this, officials usually “let them play” and try to avoid making such calls unless they’re clear-cut and obvious. This call against Edwards could have gone either way, but the controversy here is the fact that it was essentially the game-defining play.

It’s a tough way for the Huskies to go out, but the questionable ending doesn’t take away the fact that both UConn and Iowa both put on grade-A performances. And at the end of the day, there’s only room for one winner.


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