Travis Kelce’s mom Donna subtly hints at future grandchildren as his romance with Taylor Swift heats up

Travis Kelce knows what he has to do to become his mom’s favorite son. On the latest episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights podcast, the brothers welcomed on their mom, Donna Kelce, who previously said that Jason was her favorite child because he and his wife, Kylie, gave her grandkids.

“We last had you on the show before the Super Bowl where you said definitely Jason was your favorite. Understandable,” Travis told his mom, before asking, “Has that changed at all this season?”

“Not yet,” Donna answered with a laugh.

Travis busted out laughing at his mom’s response remarking, “Ah, the burn!”

Donna attempted to smooth things over next, telling her sons, “I love you both just the same.”

While Jason and Kylie share three daughters — Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, who will turn 1 in February — Travis has yet to welcome kids of his own. He is, however, in a relationship with Taylor Swift, a new development in the 10 months since Donna’s last podcast appearance.

If Travis’ eventual kids wind up being anything like he was as a child, he and his partner may have their hands full, according to Donna, who used to keep her younger son on a leash when he was little because he “showed no fear whatsoever of anything.”

“You were on the leash for only, like, one festival, because we were scared to death you were going to run off with the carnies,” Donna explained. “… I was scared to death, because you would just run off. I couldn’t catch you, Trav. You were so fast. I couldn’t lift you. You were somewhere between one and two.”

“You started walking at eight months. You were just a terror. Eight months, you were little, we couldn’t find you, you would dip in and out of cars. I was like, ‘I can’t have you dying,’ so that’s what we did,” she continued. “It was a short six-month period until you understood how dangerous it was. It was a harness! We didn’t have a leash around your neck.”

For now, Travis, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is happy focusing on his relationship with Taylor. The pop star, along with her parents and brother, was on hand for Travis’ Christmas Day game against the Las Vegas Raiders, which the Chiefs lost.

“F**kin’ the worst, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had better,” Travis remarked of his Christmas, before alluding to his girlfriend and her family, “But it ended well. It ended well with good Christmas cheer and good people. That’s always gonna save Christmas no matter if you lose to the Raiders or not.”

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