Travis Kelce’s Easter tweets cause a storm: What did Taylor Swift’s boyfriend do?

Travis Kelce has kicked up a fuss with Christians by mocking the death of Jesus Christ… 14 years ago, as a deleted tweet by the Kansas City Chiefs‘ tight end resurfaces on the internet. What does Taylor Swift think about it?

The 34-year-old football player recently went viral for his old tweets but on that occasion he actually came off better as he appeared to be a loveable, but rather vacant, personality.

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Eagles’ new star looks to convince Jason Kelce to play one more season in the NFLTwitter

However, it could be all different now as he risks upsetting Catholics and Evangelicals with another blast from the past from Twitter, now known as after Elon Musk‘s purhcase. This time he disrespected the key Christianity figure by mocking his death in approximately 33 AD.

“Happy easter to all!!!,” Kelce posted onto the platform in April 2010, aged around 20. “#shoutout to Jesus for takin one for the team…. haha.”

This is a reference to the crucifixtion of Jesus after he was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate in Judea, a part of the Roman Empire that is now modern day Israel. When the son of God died, he was said to have given his life to absolve the human race of any sin.

Twitter users react to Kelce’s joke

Unfortunately for Kelce, his light-hearted joke from 14 years ago appears to have lost him quite a few fans and even his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, managed to be dragged into the storm.

Christianity is the most followed religion in the world and in the United States of America, with approximately 63 percent of the nation’s 332 million population identifying as a member of the monothestic faith in 2021.

One user said, “When Trump wins in November, and Taylor Swift flees the country… I hope she brings her two bit vaccine salesman boyfriend with her.”

Whilst a second commented, “No worries. I’ll still give Jesus a shout-out. Trust me. He doesn’t care how famous you are.”

A third added, “What classless and trady Travis Kelce is, just like his girlfriend.”

And a fourth wrote, this time in his defense, “I don’t like the guy, i don’t like football, I don’t like Swift or any of it but this was 14 years ago. Surely there’s something else to be upset about.”

Kelce reacted to the outbreak of controversy by deleting the post on the popular social media platform, although the post is still visible in some contexts.

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