Zhou Guanyu claims he was aware of Lewis Hamilton’s SHOCK Ferrari move

Reportedly, Zhou Guanyu received inside info about Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari even before Mercedes crew.

Zhou Guanyu and Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO).

The news of Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari from 2025 onwards came as a shocker for almost everyone on the grid. The majority of the Mercedes crew was unaware of these developments going on between Maranello and Hamilton. However, Zhou Guanyu made a bold claim that he was aware of this unexpected news well before everyone.

The Chinese driver claimed that he didn’t read much into the news and the majority of the people ruled out the news as just rumors. Apart from this, Guanyu highlighted that he knew Hamilton’s management well and this helped him further gain intel about the Briton’s shocking move to Ferrari in the subsequent season.

Guanyu Zhou told Racingnews365.com.

Additionally, the 24-year-old pointed out that he immediately contacted Hamilton and questioned him about the news. Guanyu recalled that the truth about the news shocked him as well. However, the driver mentioned that this news would be even more shocking for the people at Hamilton’s long-time team Mercedes.

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The 24-year-old highlighted that it was a great feeling and achievement to retire as a Ferrari driver in Formula 1. However, Guanyu mentioned that it was completely unexpected to see the Briton join Ferrari so unwarranted and see him retire as a Ferrari driver. This thought process was backed by multiple others present on the grid, who didn’t seem too on-board with Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton (Via IMAGO)

Anyhow, Hamilton had signed a two-year contract with Mercedes before 2024 and hence was likely to stay with Brackley. However, due to some issues, the Briton activated his exit clause and sealed his move to Ferrari. Regardless, Guanyu highlighted that this move was exciting and would be fun to see the Briton drive for the reds from 2025.

Nevertheless, Hamilton still has his final year left at Mercedes to prove his racing mettel. The Briton will likely push himself to the limit and maximize results to end the season of a ‘high’ with his long-time team. Hence, amidst these shocking news, the grid prepares for the challenges upcoming in the 2024 season.

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