“When they stop coming for me, I’ll stop singing to them”: Taylor Swift Proves She’s the OG Badass, Shuts Down Haters With 1 Reply

Taylor Swift is unquestionably one of the biggest names in the music industry, and her extraordinary journey to the pinnacle has made a lasting impact on her fans. Whether for better or worse, there is hardly anyone in the world right now who hasn’t at least heard of Taylor Swift. With that said, she still has a ton of haters and she shut them up with an incredible retort in the past.

Taylor Swift not happy in this scene

Taylor Swift

The renowned pop music sensation has shaped her career by producing music that connects with fans on a global scale, appealing to both teenage girls and full-fledged adults. A substantial number proudly label themselves as ‘Swifties,’ and this allegiance is likely to endure for the foreseeable future.

“There’s something so honest about it”: Taylor Swift’s Wish to Collaborate with 1 Legendary Artist Still Hasn’t Come True“There’s something so honest about it”: Taylor Swift’s Wish to Collaborate with 1 Legendary Artist Still Hasn’t Come True

“There’s something so honest about it”: Taylor Swift’s Wish to Collaborate with 1 Legendary Artist Still Hasn’t Come True

Taylor Swift Shut Down Her Haters In Style With Just One Reply

Taylor Swift smiling in this scene Taylor Swift at Saturday Night Live

While speaking in a past interview, Taylor Swift highlighted the double standards in the music industry regarding discussions about personal and dating life. She noted that when a man does something, it’s seen as strategic, while a woman doing the same is labeled as calculated. On top of that, men are allowed to react, whereas women are often perceived as overreacting.


Swift explained her approach to addressing haters, stating that as long as they keep coming for her, she’ll keep singing to them.

Taylor Swift challenged the notion of needing to forgive and forget, emphasizing that it’s possible to move on without those steps. If something is toxic, Swift advocated for indifference as a means to move forward from it.

Taylor Swift Denied Accusations That She Copied 

Taylor Swift in the Shake It Off music video 
Taylor Swift’s

Taylor Swift has made quite a few hit songs throughout her career and inspired many fans and musicians alike in many ways. Swift was also accused of stealing the lyrics for her hit 2014 track, , which earned her three Grammy nominations.

According to Page Six, Swift decided to address the 2017 lawsuit, which was filed by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, who claim Swift stole lyrics from 3LW’s 2001 hit song  to write . As revealed by court documentation reported by Billboard, Swift claimed she had “” the track she is accused of plagiarizing, and said, “’ .”




It is highly likely that Taylor Swift is telling the truth, as she has no reason to lift songs when she is perfectly capable of writing her own lyrics. Either way, her Swifties will believe anything she says and that’s never really changing.

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