Watch: Travis Kelce Reveals Why He Has A ‘Dad Bod’ After Being Spotted On The Beach Getting Handsy With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Reveals Why He Has A ‘Dad Bod’ After Being Spotted On The Beach Getting Handsy With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce speaking into a mic
Travis Kelce has a good reason for having the dad bod he was caught with while spending some time on the beach with girlfriend Taylor Swift in the Bahamas.

Kelce has been enjoying some downtime since helping the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl last month, with Taylor also on a break from her Eras Tour.

It appears the star tight end is letting himself go a bit this offseason and somewhat discussed his less-than-impressive physique while speaking to his brother, Jason Kelce, and new Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley on the ‘New Heights’ podcast he shares with Jason.

Barkley, who joined the Eagles in free agency after his contract expired with the New York Giants, asked the siblings who could drink more. A bit of back and forth saw them discuss their weights, with Jason claiming he’s now around 283 pounds.

Travis, who usually has a playing weight of around 250 pounds, did not go into specifics, but he claimed to be in the same weight class as his older bro.

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As to why he’s heavier and sporting a dad bod, Travis had a simple explanation: “It’s March!” during his podcast.

Travis Kelce Can Afford To Put On A Few Pounds

Travis Kelce has until September before he starts playing meaningful games with the Chiefs. He won’t have to be involved in mandatory practices for another few weeks, so he can afford to put on a little fat ahead of what will be a grueling period in training camp.

Plus, to be fair, he isn’t really that big and was recently seen hitting the gym in Los Angeles.

On another note, neither brother was willing to concede when it came to drinking prowess and they have agreed to a contest to settle the argument later this year.

Our money’s on Jason.

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