WATCH: “Toxic femininity”, Female fan SLAPPING Male supporter during Padres-Giants game ignites wild reaction from MLB fans on social media

WATCH: “Toxic femininity”, Female fan SLAPPING Male supporter during Padres-Giants game ignites wild reaction from MLB fans on social media

A video of three MLB fans arguing at Petco Park during the Padres-Giants game is going viral on social media.

WATCH: “Toxic femininity”, Female fan SLAPPING Male supporter during Padres-Giants game ignites wild reaction from MLB fans on social media

A female fan slapped a male supporter during an argument (Image via Imago/X)

Things got heated at the Petco Park in San Diego, California on Friday when three fans got involved in a wild altercation. This took place when the San Diego Padres took on their division rivals, the San Francisco Giants during the Opening week.

In a video which is making trends on social media, a female Padres fan could be seen getting into a heated conversation with two male Giants supporters. The female was seen sporting a Juan Soto jersey while the two guys wore jerseys of Barry Bonds and Buster Posey.

As the argument went on, the woman would make an obscene gesture and slap one of them. Before that she was heard using some foul words too. The Giants fan who got slapped seemed stunned for a moment. He would later hit back her by attempting to shove her down the stairs but was only able to shove her in the railings.

🚨TRENDING: Fans capture footage of woman slapping guy in the face at the San Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres game last night.

The woman can be seen going up to the man and saying “F*ck you!” before hitting him in the mouth.

📸 @TMZ_Sports

— Salt Flash (@SaltFlash) March 30, 2024

Towards the end of the video, the situation seemed to have calmed down a bit. However, what led to this fight in the first place is currently unknown.

As per reports from Fox News, a spokesperson from the San Diego Police Department claimed they had not received any reports of an incident involving two men and one woman. This would mean that police were not called into this.

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Fans react to wild fight in Padres vs. Giants game

Since the video of this fight went viral on social media, fans have thrown in some wild reactions. While some enjoyed the moment and made jokes regarding it, one fan pointed out why nobody from the crowd stood up to stop the fight.
Padres vs. GiantsPadres vs. Giants (Image via Imago)

Another user on X seemed unimpressed with what had unfolded and called out the woman for hitting the man.

Toxic femininity

X user commented on the fight.
Check out that and some reactions from X regarding this fight below:

toxic femininity

— Bryanc199 (@Bryanc2091) March 31, 2024

It’s alwAys the California teams fans

— a1asaint (@a1asaint) March 30, 2024

Everyone stands up…..after he pushes her but nothing when she slaps him lol

— Raul on the Bird App⚾️🐻 (@ThatOneCubFan) March 30, 2024

Why is it always Padre fans in these videos man 😭😭😭

— cunt lord🔴⚪️🇵🇸 (@big_botto_m) March 30, 2024

Everyone watched them going back and forth the whole game. She couldn’t keep up with the back talk and It was obvious she wanted the last word. Her bf didn’t even stop her from walking up to them either🤷🏻‍♀️(guy in brown jersey)until after she got pushed

— ✨Jennifer lopez✨ (@jennyloves16) March 30, 2024

He was holding a Bud light, she knew he was a punk she could slap.

— Skull (@Skullnbonz3) March 30, 2024

She tried to hit and run lol

— Brunswicked (@NinerandaGiant) March 30, 2024

Bandwagon fans vs Bandwagon Fans

— Pack Bandit (@Nuggz8) March 30, 2024

Padres fans always act so tough like this only for their poverty franchise to choke in September hahahha

— The Griggity (@TheGriggity) March 30, 2024

SD fans can handle a single loss?

— Bootsy Cynic (@BlameBootsy) March 30, 2024

Speaking of the game, the San Francisco Giants walked away as 8-3 winners. Pitcher Kyle Harrison‘s dominating performance from the mound lead the team to their first victory under new manager Bob Melvin following an Opening Day 6-4 loss.

The Giants would go on to win their game on Saturday as well. A 9-6 win sees them bounce back in the Opening series of the 2024 season. Another victory on Sunday would see them take home the series by three games to one against their division rivals.

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