WATCH: Fernando Tatis Jr. HILARIOUSLY poses to Dodgers fans as ‘BBL’ chant takes over stadium

WATCH: Fernando Tatis Jr. HILARIOUSLY poses to Dodgers fans as ‘BBL’ chant takes over stadium

Fans tease Fernando Tatis Jr. as stadium vibrates with ‘BBL’ chant during Padres vs. Dodgers game

WATCH: Fernando Tatis Jr. HILARIOUSLY poses to Dodgers fans as ‘BBL’ chant takes over stadium

Fernando Tatis Jr. [Image Credit: Imago/X]

In a hilarious turn of events Fernando Tatis Jr. was seen posing back to the Los Angeles Dodgers fans after their chaotic heckling of “BBL”. The full form of BBL as penned by SI FanNation is Brazilian butt lift. However, fans on X added a few more definitions to the term.

The incident took place during the San Diego Padres vs. Dodgers game on Friday night. The recently resurfaced video earned a lot of fan attention on social media platforms. Heckling another team’s players are quite usual in games, but sometimes these incidents take a hilarious turn where the fans and players interact in an entertaining manner.

Tatis Jr. was also quite amused with the whole situation as he noted, “You hear a little bit of everything” while playing at Dodgers stadium, as per Jason Fray of FanNation. Furthermore, over the years, a bit of rivalry has taken place between the two teams.

Despite the Dodgers fans heckling, the Padres won the game with an 8-7 record. Even in their latest game, the team won against their LA rivals with a margin of 6-3 score. During the chaos, some even mentioned Tatis Jr. underwent plastic surgery in their lively banter.

Manny Machado’s iconic fan interaction at Dodgers stadium

Fernando Tatis Jr. was not the only San Diego Padres player to experience a unique Dodgers interaction. His teammate, Manny Machado had one of the iconic moments at Dodgers Stadium on Sunday where his HR ball got caught by a Dodgers fan.

In many ballparks, there has been a tradition to return the ball of the visiting team’s player to them. While some don’t follow the rules and keep them as mementos. In Sunday’s game, a Dodgers fan decided to do both.

Manny Machado [Image Credit: Imago]Manny Machado [Image Credit: Imago]
When Machado’s ball got caught by the fan, he used a feint of hand and threw the ball back to the ground. However, it was not the ball the Padres baseman threw but a different one. It was reported that the fan brought a separate ball from home and decided to switch them when he caught the 31-year-old’s HR.

He was later caught by the security although he admitted he thought he would not get caught with the trick. The fan stated,

I got caught, but every ballhawk out here knows to come prepared for a reason like this. A hated Padre hits a home run, if you don’t throw it back you’re going to get booed mercilessly by the Dodger faithful. That’s happened to me in the past before.

Fan said as per Manny Randhawa of

His act was celebrated by many, who gave him a high-five for even trying this stunt. The fan stated that even if he went home with the ball, his wife wouldn’t have liked him and it would’ve gone on the mantle. The fan and player interactions at baseball games often end on a jovial note while at times things can get a bit messy.

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