WATCH: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner combine for bizarre first pitch in Giants’ home opener against the Padres

WATCH: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner combine for bizarre first pitch in Giants’ home opener against the Padres

Warner and Samuel simultaneously threw their pitches.

WATCH: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner combine for bizarre first pitch in Giants’ home opener against the Padres

Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner at the San Francisco Giants game (Image via IMAGO)

Not everyone receives the privilege of throwing the first pitch at the opening game of the season, like Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner. The San Francisco 49ers duo had the honor before the MLB season opener at Oracle Park between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres.

Wearing the outfits of the Giants, Samuel and Warner walked onto the turf with cheers from the local San Francisco fans. They were about to throw the game’s first pitch, but there was a slight modification. Both men had to throw simultaneously at their designated catchers.

While it was a unique way to kick things off, it had an even funnier outcome. They lined up next to each other. Samuel’s ball reached its intended target. As for Warner, his throw was closer to Samuel’s catcher than his own. It was definitely not a strike, perhaps not even a ball.

The San Francisco 49ers All-Pro Linebacker ran away from the scene, perhaps slightly embarrassed, replicating Stephen A. Smith. Samuel, on the other hand, was pumped with his effort.

Could the 49ers move on from Deebo Samuel?

Anything is possible in the game of football. Besides being America’s favorite sport, it’s also a massive business that requires careful planning to run. For the 49ers, their only goal is to finally win the Super Bowl once again.
WATCH: 49ers' Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner combine for bizarre first pitch in Giants’ home opener against the PadresBrandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel (Image via IMAGO)

The best-case scenario is to keep all the players from the previous season who reached the all-important game and make additions that strengthen the roster. However, the 49ers have already seen the departure of Arik Armstead, and Brandon Aiyuk could follow him through the exit door.

Even though General Manager John Lynch revealed they are negotiating with Aiyuk’s camp, agreeing on a deal won’t be easy because the 26-year-old wants money worth close to $30 million. Aiyuk racked up 1342 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Now what if the 49ers opt to keep Aiyuk and trade Deebo Samuel away? The 28-year-old is no slouch either. In his best season (2021), he registered 1405 yards and 6 touchdowns. Samuel is No. 1 in yards after the catch above expectation per reception in three of the last four seasons. Moreover, he came 5th in receiving DVOA and 13th in yards per route run in 2023.

The 49ers only have $6.7 million in 2024 cap space to work with. On top of that, they are $20 million over the 2025 salary cap. Furthermore, quarterback Brock Purdy is expected to demand a large salary package.

In these circumstances, if Lynch trades Deebo Samuel away instead of Aiyuk, it will save them nearly $7 million in cap space. The additional money should help keep Brandon Aiyuk in the Bay area.

Compared to Aiyuk, Samuel perhaps would even fetch a higher trade value. Recently, the Houston Texans traded a second-round pick for Stefon Diggs. Even though Diggs has more numbers, Samuel played in the NFC Championship twice, along with Super Bowl LVIII, and was a First Team All-Pro in 2021.

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