“They don’t give charity”: Taylor Swift isn’t the Only Music Icon Who Opted Out of Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie, Fans Have Already Started the Trolling

It has been ten years since Jennifer Lopez released her last album, in 2014. Now, the singer is back with her ninth studio album titled, She will also be going on a concert tour to promote the album. If the album and the tour were not enough for her fans, Jennifer Lopez is also starring in an actual movie, which will be based on her recent album.

Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me...A Love Story

Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me…A Love Story

The film is going to be as star-studded as possible with artists like Post Malone, Keke Palmer, and even Neil deGrasse Tyson having some cameo or the other. However, some big names in the industry were approached to be a part of the romantic drama but refused the offer citing one reason or the other. As Jennifer Lopez addressed this exact thing, she became the target of some intense trolling online.

Artists Who Refused Jennifer Lopez’s Invite

Ariana Grande in her music video for 'Yes, and?'

Ariana Grande in her music video for ‘Yes, and?’

Apart from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, is filled to the brim with popular names including but not limited to, Jay Shetty, Trevor Noah, Sofia Vergara, and Post Malone, who are a part of something called the ‘Zodiacal Council.’

J-Lo’s team wanted to bag a few more names for the film, as revealed in the behind-the-scenes documentary, From Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande to Lizzo, many artists declined to be a part of the film.

In the documentary, one of her producers goes, Another adds, The producers also revealed that Grande and Snoop Dogg were also unavailable.

Lopez got candid with Entertainment Weekly about the whole fiasco stating that she wasn’t disappointed that all these celebrities couldn’t make it to the movie and that she was excited about the final result.

It looks like Lopez is perfectly content with how her film turned out to be, despite not reeling in some of the hottest names in the industry!

Jennifer Lopez Gets Trolled on The Internet

Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Greatest Love Story Never Told

While J-Lo is okay with the group of celebrities who are a part of her film, it didn’t take long for the Internet to troll the singer. According to the fans, the artists who declined citing unavailability were not really unavailable; they simply didn’t want to be a part of her film. A fan even stated that artists like Swift and Grande were not in the mood to do by making a cameo in her musical film.

Take a look at what fans have to say about it all:

Yikes! That was a bit harsh now, wasn’t it? Whether the stars were actually busy or just didn’t want to do the film is a question that will remain unanswered.

You can stream and on Prime Video.

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