The Incredible Journey of a Puppy with an Arrow in Her Neck, Defying the Odds.

Rescuers did everything to help her and survive after a truly terrible accident. The puppy dog ​​with an arrow in her neck, luckily stuck not too deep, risked having a tough time. But what happened to poor Tiffany Grace?

Tiffany Grace is a crossbreed with a Chihuahua. She is a 4 month old female, who was rescued after being shot with an arrow. Her weapon pierced the base of her neck. The rescuers did everything for her. Lyn Thornton, who adopted her, explained the reason for her name:

 Tiffany because she is a precious little jewel and Grace because it is a grace from God that her little life was spared. It was love at first sight… oh my God, how could you not love it!

Tiffany Grace was located in a neighborhood near the city of Desert Hot Springs, a city in the United States of America located in Riverside County, in the State of California. A woman heard her yelping and howling and found her with an arrow stuck in her neck.

The woman immediately called Riverside County Animal Services, who took her to a veterinary clinic. The arrow nearly hit her vital arteries. Removing it wasn’t difficult, but everyone was shocked.

It’s disgusting: someone willfully shot this poor puppy with an arrow. We are shocked and hope that someone can provide us with any information about who did this. In the meantime we will continue to look after this puppy. It’s incredible to see his affection, despite what happened. She’s a very sweet puppy. I can’t imagine why anyone would do something so terrible to such an innocent creature. He must be a very sick person.

These are the words of Erin Gettis, director of animal services, who states that the hunt for the attacker is still open.


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