The first Korean beauty model to join Victoria’s Secret

Not only does he have an impressive appearance, Hwang Hyun Joo also has remarkable academic achievements. She graduated from Seoul National University – the most prestigious school in Korea with extremely harsh odds.

Hwang Hyun Joo is highly appreciated for his good educational background. She graduated from Seoul National University before starting her modeling career.

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Besides his “huge” height, Hwang Hyun Joo also possesses a sharp face and cold charisma. The beauty born in 1992 also impresses with her Asian standard single eyelid eyes.

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Hwang Hyun Joo signed a contract with DNA Models since 2017 with the stage name Joo Joo. Since then, this Korean model has achieved many impressive achievements.

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Hwang Hyun Joo has worked as a cover model for the famous swimsuit magazines Sports Illustrated, Venice Magazine as well as Harper’s Bazaar Singapore . It can be said that signing a contract with Victoria’s Secret is a major turning point for Hwang Hyun Joo’s career.

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The 29-year-old beauty likes to cooperate with bikini and underwear brands because she has an extremely hot hourglass figure. To maintain her beautiful figure, Hwang Hyun Joo often practices ballet, modern dance…

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Possessing a beauty as fragile as smog, Hwang Hyun Joo has a passion for large displacement vehicles. On her personal Instagram account, she often posts pictures of her riding a motorbike.

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Hwang Hyun Joo prefers a simple fashion style when not working. She also rarely wears heavy makeup, only eyebrows and light lipstick.

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Like other lingerie models, Hwang Hyun Joo often shows off bikini photos on social networks . Each photo of the beauty receives very high interactions from fans.

Photo: Instagram NV

Hwang Hyun Joo is very attentive in interacting with fans through Instagram.

Photo: Instagram NV

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