The eldest son of Angelina Jolie’s family: A private life when he went to college, he is the heir to a trillion-dollar fortune

The eldest son of Angelina Jolie’s family: A private life when he went to college, he is the heir to a trillion-dollar fortune

As Angelina’s first son and first adopted child, Maddox was a child who was enthusiastically welcomed by the press since he was a child. Even as an adult, this guy still receives special attention from the media.

Rare image of Maddox sitting at his villa.

Recently, it was reported that Maddox has a secret social network account. He shares photos at his home on Instagram. Although he wants to keep his current life private, many fans discovered this account of Maddox and asked to follow him.

After this story broke out, Maddox decided to delete the above secret account. Many people think that he does not want his private life to be noticed. However, images of Maddox in the family’s luxury villa still spread on social networks and became a topic of discussion.

In adulthood, Maddox rarely shares family photos, only a few with his mother.

Many viewers commented that after Maddox went to college, the image of him became less and less. Occasionally, reporters take pictures of Angelina’s eldest son next to his mother and children in the house. But when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, he appeared less and less.

Maddox is now a college student in Korea.

Currently, Maddox is a student majoring in chemistry at Yonsei University, Korea. At the age of 21, Angelina’s eldest child learned to be independent and keep his life private despite being the child of the world’s top artist. When Korea had an outbreak, Maddox went home to be with his mother and siblings. The guy studies online at home.

Among the siblings in the family, Maddox is a member who is quite trusted by her mother. He and Pax Thien used to be the two people who always escorted Angelina’s mother every time she went out. However, after Maddox was suspected of being abused by Brad Pitt in 2016, he appeared less frequently.

Maddox has escorted her mother to events many times.

Angelina has special affection for this boy.

After being abused by Brad, Maddox became more secretive.

There is information that Angelina does not want her son to be noticed too much. Maddox is her first child, so the female star wants him to have the most comfortable mentality. That is also the reason why Angelina brought her children to Korea to study instead of choosing a school near home.

Angelina personally searched for a school for her son.

Rare photo of Maddox at university.

The press once revealed that Maddox was the person chosen by his adoptive mother to leave an inheritance of trillions of billions. However, this news has not been confirmed by insiders. As for Maddox, he still pursues his studies and lives the most private life among the family members.

The reason why Angelina Jolie adopted her son Maddox from Cambodia

Maddox was adopted by Angelina when she was only 7 months old. Sarath Mounh – the female star’s friend and former business associate, once revealed the reason she adopted this little Cambodian boy in 2002.

Angelina wanted to adopt Maddox after filming in Cambodia.

The boy attracted the female star at first sight.

Accordingly, while filming Tomb Raider in 2000, Angelina fell in love with this land. She spent a lot of energy searching for a child, especially a child in need of care because she wanted to be a mother. Among hundreds of unfortunate children that year, it was Maddox who conquered Angelina’s heart.

Mr. Sarath shared: ” He is a bright, sharp, lovely child who smiles more often than any other child around him. I always remember the boy’s smiling face. From what I learned from Angelina, when she visited the orphanage and saw Maddox, he smiled at her instead of crying like most other children. The boy’s smile touched her heart and that’s why she chose Maddox.”

Mr. Sarath is the person who supported Angelina in adopting a child.

But Angelina’s adoption journey is not easy because she is a foreigner. The Cambodian government that year was very strict about allowing international adoption because of fear of child trafficking. It was Sarath Mounh who helped the female Dark Fairy star adopt her child more easily.

Maddox was very happy with his adoptive parents when the two had not yet broken up.

Specifically, Sarath Mounh adopted Maddox in 2001 as his third child. After that, he signed documents for Angelina to adopt Maddox from him. This helps cut down most of the legal procedures that Angelina has to handle during the adoption process.

Maddox is a very special boy to Angelina.

Because she is the first child, the female star loves Maddox very much.

It is known that Sarath Mounh and Angelina later became friends when Sarath’s non-profit organization worked with the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation on conservation issues. At the time of the release of the movie First They Killed My Father in Cambodia in 2017, Angelina once shared: ” I have had a connection with this country for 17 years and I feel like this is my second home. My children have close relationships with many of the children here, many of whom are close friends. Maddox is happy to be back in his country.”

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