Taylor Swift apologized to Travis Kelce for being drunk at Coachella: lip reader.

Taylor Swift apologized to Travis Kelce for drinking too much at Coachella 2024, according to an expert lip reader.

“Squid Game” alum Jackie Gonzalez, who is deaf, shared a series of clips via her TikTok and Instagram of the couple hanging out together at the music festival in Indio, Calif., over the weekend.

In one part, she interprets Swift, 34, happily saying hi to a fan as the pop superstar walked with Kelce, also 34, to their places in the crowd.

A lip reader has interpreted Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s interactions at Coachella


“Squid Game” alum Jackie Gonzalez became an expert at lip reading because she is deaf.tismejackieg/TikTok00:1004:06

Swift then purportedly says to the pro athlete, “Oh, my God! We’re in the front? Wow.”

In another clip, Gonzalez claims Swift introduced Kelce to a pal, saying, “This is Travis,” before he chimes in, “I’ma go ahead and ignore that time, but nice to meet you,” implying he had met the person before.

Gonzalez then cuts to the “Shake It Off” singer dancing with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end behind her.

Gonzalez compiled several clips of different moments Swift and Kelce shared at Coachella.tismejackieg/TikTok

The former Netflix personality included a clip Swift introducing Kelce to a friend he seemingly had already met.

Per the former Netflix personality, Swift was singing along to her own song “Karma” as her collaborator Ice Spice performed it onstage: “Stretching like a goddamn acrobat / Me and karma vibe like that. … Yeah!”

The real lyrics say “flexing” instead of “stretching,” so this may have been a misinterpretation on Gonzalez’s part. She cautioned in her caption that her interpretations may not be 100 percent accurate.

“Disclaimer: Lip reading is not a reliable form of communication, all statements are alleged,” she wrote on both her TikTok and Instagram.

Gonzalez noted that Swift was singing along to her song “Karma” at one point.tismejackieg/TikTok

The lip reader cautioned that her interpretations may not always be accurate.tismejackieg/TikTok

In another clip, Swift is seen facing the stage with Kelce behind her, and the “Cruel Summer” songstress allegedly tells her beau, “That was the best thing that’s happened tonight. Sorry, I’m drunk,” and giggles.

Kelce’s response is not seen, as his head was down by his girlfriend’s shoulder at that point. However, he likely didn’t mind, as he recently chugged a beer at his honorary college graduation.

Gonzalez concludes her montage with footage of Swift and Kelce walking in front of the stage, cheering, clapping and hollering.

The former reality competition contestant shared in her TikTok caption that she is a fan of the “Lover” singer, writing, “check on your swifties, were not okay.”

Gonzalez claimed Swift apologized for being “drunk” at one point.tismejackieg/TikTok

Kelce’s response was not shown, but he did not seem to mind, as they continued to get cozy throughout the night.@chrisgrotewold/LIFESTYLOGY /TMX / MEGA

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She added via her Instagram caption, “i’ve never been so happy for someone I’ve never met .”

Page Six has reached out to Swift’s rep on the lip reader’s commentary but did not immediately hear back.

Several of Swift’s fans praised Gonzalez — who often interprets other celeb interactions such as Selena Gomez’s animated gossip session with the “Blank Space” singer at the 2024 Golden Globes — with one writing, “I love your posts!!!”

Another added, “so cool to know what she is saying. You narrated that so good especially the cheering part,” while a third joked, “You might be the most dangerous person online.”

A fourth, who could not get enough of the power couple’s content, chimed in, “More Tayvis Coachella clips pleeeeeease!!!”

Fans were happily surprised to see Swift and Kelce show up at the festival on Saturday and having a great time together.

Swift and Kelce were at Coachella on Saturday.TheImageDirect.com

They showed up in part to support Swift’s pals Jack Antonoff and Ice Spice.TheImageDirect.comWhat do you think? Post a comment.

The pair first popped up on the side of a stage to see Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers, perform, at which point they danced and caressed each other.

They then went to see Ice Spice hit the stage, where Swift took a photo with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice while in the audience.

The “Bad Blood” singer and Kelce were also spotted making out at the Neon Carnival afterparty while “Vanderpump Rules” star James Kennedy deejayed. It is unclear whether they will return for Weekend 2 of the festival.

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