Taylor Swift addresses pregnancy rumor and fans were surprised hearing this from her mouth “Unbelievable” .

Taylor Swift addresses pregnancy rumor and fans were surprised hearing this from her mouth “Unbelievable” .

Donna kelce is proud to see the kids her grandchildren are growing up into. The proud NFL mom, 71, to Travis and Jason Kelce tells PEOPLE that it’s been a blast seeing the world get to appreciate Jason and wife Kylie Kelce’s three girls — Bennett, 10 months, Elliotte, 2½, and Wyatt, 4.


“I like seeing Wyatt’s articulate, confident growth into her own identity,” Donna shares with PEOPLE while detailing her holiday partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment. The grandmother, whom the girls call Dee Dee, also celebrates “Elliotte’s sweet disposition and loving nature – while still showing traits of a toddler.” “And Bennett’s [got a] chill, independent, and happy temperament,” she concludes.

While discussing her partnership with Aramark Sports to bring the “old-fashioned bake sale” to her son’s team’s stadiums on Christmas Day — raising money for the Eagles Autism Foundation in Philadelphia and Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City — Donna also talked about baking with her oldest granddaughter.

“Baking is a wonderful activity to do with family and friends, and now I have a little helper in Wyatt,” she raves. “I look forward to passing on my tips and tricks to the girls so that they can eventually pass these traditions on to their own families one day.”

Last month, Kylie caught up with PEOPLE about her holiday plans and shared how much Wyatt was enjoying getting to help out in the kitchen. “My oldest just got to do the Mama Kelce dinner rolls at Thanksgiving. So now, she thinks that she is the queen of the rolls,” Kylie laughed. “So, I think for our Christmas meal, she will end up helping my mother-in-law again because they absolutely nailed it. They were outstanding, as usual.”

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In a social media age where every detail is scrutinized, pop icon Taylor Swift’s recent post sparked immediate conversation among her dedicated fan base, popularly known as Swifties. The photograph, featuring Swift seated cross-legged with a drink in hand, ignited a flurry of interpretations, primarily aimed at dispelling the ongoing pregnancy rumors surrounding the star.

Dissecting the Subtle Message

Swift’s choice of accessories and pose did not go unnoticed by her followers. The glass of alcohol held firmly in her grip was interpreted by many as a deliberate, albeit subtle, message to quash the pregnancy speculations. Responses flooded in from fans, commending Swift for her proactive approach in dealing with these rumors. The incident served as a stark reminder of the pressures celebrities often face in the face of constant media speculation.

Swift’s Stand Against Traditional Expectation

In a recent interview, Swift openly addressed the pregnancy rumors, remarking on the sexist nature of such questions, particularly when a woman reaches 30. She pointed out the disparity, stating that men hardly face similar queries. Her sentiments echo those of actress Margot Robbie, who has also expressed her discomfort with the constant pressures of motherhood and children in interviews.

Engagement and Pregnancy Speculations

Swift and her partner, Travis Kelce, have been the subjects of engagement and pregnancy speculation, even prompting predictions of a baby announcement in 2024 by fans and a psychic. Swift’s appearance at the 81st Golden Globes further fueled these rumors. Despite the swirling speculations, Swift has previously spoken about the possibility of motherhood. Amidst the engagement rumors that have been circulating since December 2023, the couple continues to appear strong, healthy, and happy as they journey into 2024.

However, despite Swift’s clear message and her busy tour schedule, some fans continue to speculate about a potential future pregnancy for Swift. The societal interplay of celebrity life, with its unique challenges and triggers, continues to cast long shadows over their personal lives.

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