“Suzy Cortez, the Brazilian Supermodel, Sports a Surprising Messi Tat.too in an Unconventional Location on Her Bo.dy”

Suzy Cortez, the renowned Brazilian supermodel, and avid Lionel Messi fan has once again made headlines with her latest tribute to the football legend. In a surprising move that has sent shockwaves across social media, Cortez revealed her new Messi tattoo, strategically inked in a rather sensitive location, near her hip, leaving fans astonished and intrigued.


Cortez, who has long been known for her unwavering admiration and support for Messi, spared no effort in expressing her devotion to the Argentine football superstar. Over the years, she has consistently showcased her passion for Messi through various means, from donning Messi jerseys to even winning the Miss BumBum competition with a Messi-themed photo shoot.

However, this time, Suzy Cortez took her fandom to a whole new level. She unveiled her latest tattoo on her social media platforms, showcasing Messi’s portrait inked near her hip, in a place that undoubtedly adds a layer of sensuality to her tribute. The surprising choice of location left many of her fans and followers both astonished and intrigued.


In a statement accompanying the photos, Cortez shared her deep affection for Messi, explaining that the tattoo symbolizes her lifelong support for the football legend. She emphasized that the location of the tattoo was a personal choice and a demonstration of her profound love for the athlete.

The unveiling of the Messi tattoo has generated significant buzz on social media, with fans and football enthusiasts worldwide expressing their opinions on this audacious tribute. While some admire Cortez’s unwavering dedication to Messi, others find the choice of tattoo placement rather bold and unconventional.

Suzy Cortez’s action serves as a reminder of the powerful connection that sports can forge between athletes and their fans. Her passionate support for Messi goes beyond the boundaries of fandom and showcases the profound impact that sports figures can have on individuals.

As the news of Suzy Cortez’s sensational Messi tattoo continues to circulate, it sparks conversations about the lengths to which fans can go to express their admiration for their sports heroes. Whether it’s donning jerseys, creating fan art, or, in Cortez’s case, getting a tattoo, it is a testament to the enduring influence and inspiration that sports icons like Lionel Messi can have on their supporters.

In the world of sports and fandom, Suzy Cortez’s tribute to Messi is undeniably unique and unforgettable, leaving a lasting mark not only on her but also in the annals of football history.

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