Selena Gomez Said That She Likes “Being Alone Too Much” Amid Speculation On Her Love Life

Stop the presses, it appears that Selena Gomez is not dating a Chainsmoker.

closeup of selena

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How did this whole thing start? Well, rumors began circulating earlier this week that Selena and one-half of the Chainsmokers, Drew Taggart, were dating in a very “casual and low-key” way.

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Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The next day, Selena and Drew were pictured bowling together alongside one claim from Page Six that they were “making out’ like teenagers.” Sure!

drew shirtless on stage

Arturo Holmes / Getty Images 1/ST

Well, earlier this month Selena returned to Instagram after four years of her team managing the account. And, whether she was referring to the Drew rumors or the whole Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz-Beckham “throuple” situation, it appears that she wanted to clear the air.

closeup of selena

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In a now-deleted Instagram story, Selena wrote, “I like being alone too much.”

 Selena Gomez / Via Instagram: @selenagomez

Selena Gomez / Via Instagram: @selenagomez
Lest that not be specific enough, she added, “#IAmSingle.”

closeup of the hashtag

Selena Gomez / Via Instagram: @selenagomez
The speculation came but a week after Drew and his Chainsmokers partner, Alex Pall, revealed that they had threesomes with fans.

closeup of the chainsmokers

Rebecca Sapp / Stringer / Getty Images

Do with this information what you will!

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