Scott Kingsley Swift taking a U-Turn disclose 5 reason why daughter can’t get married to Travis kelce

Scott Kingsley Swift taking a U-Turn disclose 5 reason why daughter can’t get married to Travis kelce

Scott Kingsley Swift taking a U-Turn disclose 5 reason why daughter can’t get married to Travis kelce


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been dating since the summer, debuting their relationship in late September when the Eras Tour star made an appearance at Kelce’s game with his team the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The relationship since then has included lots of public displays of affection and football games. Things seem to be going well.


They’re going so well that a source has told Page Six that Kelce has allegedly asked Swift’s father Scott for permission to pop the question.

“Scott has been asked for his blessing and has wholeheartedly given it, and Travis has been talking to friends about a ring,” the insider claimed, adding he might have had it designed or purchased already.

The speed with which their relationship has progressed is supposedly a reflection of Kelce’s character, with the source saying he is “the most extroverted guy Taylor has dated in forever,” adding that it “is so much truer to who Taylor is than any prior relationship.”

Many of the Midnights singer’s previous relationships were more reserved, in particular her six-year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. They rarely appeared in public together and gave limited interviews on the topic. This is apparently not the musical artist’s preference.

“If Taylor wants to change the lyrics to her song after four months of dating and sing in front of 60,000 people…Travis will stand there beaming for the crowd—he’s digging it,” said the source. “Taylor finally has a partner willing and game. He’s like, ‘I’ll stand by the side of the stage and wait for you to jump in my arms—I’ll do that!’”

The NFL star attended Swift’s concert in Buenos Aires and sang along to many of her songs as she played. He also looked thrilled when she changed the lyrics to her song “Karma” to include lyrics about him and was there to greet her as she got off the stage with a big kiss. This is the opposite of her dynamic with Alwyn, according to another source.

“Joe would rather cut off his arm than go to Zero Bond,” they said.

A third insider stated, “Taylor is so in love. She just hasn’t been with a guy who is so excited and proud to be with her in so long. She’d gotten used to having to hide away and lay low whenever she’s been in a relationship.”

They said that this was an issue in the past with her boyfriend Calvin Harris as well, a DJ Swift dated from 2015 to 2016. He and Alwyn were both “BIG on hiding.”

“So she followed their lead,” the insider said. “But now she’s finally with someone who is appropriately like, ‘Holy s–t, I’m with Taylor Swift! Awesome!’ and she’s so delighted that she gets to be out in the world. Don’t forget, this is a girl who made out with Harry Styles in Times Square [on New Year’s Eve 2012] and posted pictures of her fling [actor Tom Hiddleston, in 2016] wearing an ‘I heart TS’ T-shirt. Low key isn’t actually her preferred vibe. But when it’s been at the insistence of the guy she’s with, she’s gone along with it.”

They added about the proposal rumors, “Whatever happens, all of Taylor’s friends are delighted for her.”

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