Reasons Why Lewis Hamilton “Must Think About Quitting This F1 Season Immediately” argues Jonathan McEvoy

It’s evident that Lewis Hamilton is currently struggling, leading to speculation about whether he should consider taking the remainder of the season off to prepare for his upcoming move to Ferrari next year.


While Hamilton may not be inclined to skip a single race, there’s a historical precedent for such a decision dating back to Niki Lauda’s turbulent season with Bernie Ecclestone’s Brabham in 1979.

Lauda’s frustration reached a tipping point after enduring numerous retirements, prompting him to retire from grand prix racing mid-season. Ecclestone reluctantly accepted Lauda’s decision, swiftly finding a replacement in the form of Ricardo Zunino for the remaining races.

Similarly, Hamilton, at 39, may benefit from a break after 18 seasons, especially with a potential final push looming at Ferrari. With concerns about favoritism towards George Russell at Mercedes and his impending move to Ferrari, Hamilton might find himself increasingly frustrated.

Walking away could allow Hamilton to start working with Ferrari earlier on next year’s car development, a prospect that could be advantageous given his move. Meanwhile, Mercedes could explore options like a swap deal with Carlos Sainz or promoting a young talent like Kimi Antonelli.

While promoting Antonelli now might be premature, severing ties with Mercedes sooner rather than later could benefit both Hamilton and the team.

On a lighter note, there’s a charming anecdote about Adam Norris proudly wearing the Pirelli cap awarded to his son Lando for his third-place finish in Melbourne, demonstrating a touching display of familial support.

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