Queen of pop Madonna shows off her incredibly sexy body at the age of 65

At the age of 62, Madonna made many people admire her hot photos

Recently,  Madonna  attracted attention when she posted a semi-nude photo on her personal page at the age of 62. Although she is famous for her sexy image, the bold selfie image of the “pop queen” still attracts netizens. couldn’t help but be surprised.

In the photo, she is wearing black lingerie, holding crutches, wearing a sequin hat and letting her seductive blonde hair loose to cover her bare upper body. After only half a day of posting, the 62-year-old female diva’s image received more than 600,000 likes from fans.

Pop queen Madonna shows off her incredibly sexy body at the age of 62 - Photo 1.

In it, many comments complimented Madonna’s youthful appearance and attractive body: “Wow she has a better body than most women, Madonna is amazing”; “Madonna is so free and fresh. I love this photo”; “The Queen is so charming”…

It is known that last March, Madonna suffered a knee injury when she fell on stage. The injury forced her to use crutches and spend a long time undergoing stem cell treatment.

At the age of 62, the “pop queen” still regularly organizes tours. She often appears with a seductive and strong image. Not only does she still maintain the heat in music, Madonna is also famous for constantly “holding hands” with young lovers who are decades younger than her.

Madonna’s current boyfriend is male dancer Ahlamalik Williams, 36 years younger than her. The two have been in love for 2 years and received enthusiastic support from both families. 

Pop queen Madonna shows off her incredibly sexy body at the age of 62 - Photo 2.

Pop queen Madonna shows off her incredibly sexy body at the age of 62 - Photo 3.

Sexy, youthful body of Madonna at the age of 62.

Pop queen Madonna shows off her incredibly sexy body at the age of 62 - Photo 4.

“Pop Queen” with her boyfriend who is 36 years younger than her.

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