PRICEY’S PRINCESS Inside Princess Andre’s future empire as expert predicts she’ll be a ‘millionaire by 20’ & won’t make Katie’s mistakes

IT was her famous mum Katie Price who should have turned the most heads at the National Diversity Awards in Liverpool Cathedral on Friday night.

Yet all eyes were on her striking daughter Princess Andre, who at 16, is fast becoming a bigger star than her well-known mum, and dad, Peter Andre.

Princess is turning heads more than her famous mum, Katie Price

Princess is turning heads more than her famous mum, Katie PriceCredit: Splash

Experts predict that the starlet will make a million by the age of 20

Experts predict that the starlet will make a million by the age of 20Credit: Splash
Stepping out in a floor-length black dress with sparkling silver handbag, Princess, who also attended the Beauty Works event in London last night – has already amassed 1.2 million followers across her TikTok and Instagram.

And as the adoring fans roll in, the pound signs rack up – Princess is harnessing her Gen Z popularity to carve out a rosy career as an influencer, with the potential to make millions in brand deals.

According to Brand & Culture expert Nick Ede she could mount up a five-figure bank balance in the next year.

“If Princess keeps going the way she’s going I think that, by 20, she’ll be a millionaire,” Nick explains.

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Earlier this year the popular school-girl signed a non-exclusive, four figure-deal with PrettyLittleThing, joining the likes of Molly Mae-Hague and Gemma Owen on the retail giant’s roster.

Her ad posts for the brand, and others she is a fan of, have gone down a storm with her legions of fans.

Last month, a Tik Tok video of Princess shaping her eyebrows and putting on lash extensions for the brand Eylure, was watched by 4.8million.

Her noticeable hair transformation – where she straightened her long locks and added blonde – had over 2.5 million views.

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For Princess, this is likely the tip of the endorsement deal iceberg.

A family friend reveals: “She’s in the process of doing a make-up deal as well as working with a beauty range.

“These sorts of influencer deals can easily command fees of tens of thousands. Some influencer posts can even get as much as £100,000.”

Princess recently shared her future career plans after sharing she ‘didn’t pass all’ of her GCSE exams on a live stream video.

Taking to her Instagram Stories she told one curious fan: “I’ll be doing social media and private beauty training XX. Sooooo excited.”

But insiders say she will also still continue with academic studies – something her parents are keen to encourage.

Mum Katie has been careful to protect her daughter's image

Mum Katie has been careful to protect her daughter’s imageCredit: Splash

Influencer Princess is moving towards a career in fashion and beauty

Influencer Princess is moving towards a career in fashion and beautyCredit: Splash
Claire Powell, Founder and MD of The Can Group who oversee opportunities for Princess – and have managed dad Peter, 50, for over 20 years as well as working with Katie in the past – says they have already had to turn down offers that haven’t felt right for Princess’ image or age.

Claire says: “Obviously mum and dad know a lot about the industry and hopefully we can all guide her in the right direction.

“Princess is a natural beauty and there’s a real wholesomeness there. She is very relatable.

“We have turned down some job requests that are not appropriate and we must all be careful so she gets the longevity she wants.

“We’ve got some really great brands interested but it’s about doing things slowly and finding the right brand fit – something I’ve always done with my clients.

“Hair, beauty and clothing are the three areas she’d go for first but she also has an interest in travel, so that could be something she looks at.”

Princess could even be looking at her own fashion and beauty empire one day.

Claire adds: “I think eventually she would look at her own make-up and fashion range.”

Jennifer Waterman, Head of Arlington Digital, part of the Arlington Talent Group, says: “Princess’ partnership with PrettyLittleThing is a great introduction to working with brands and she’s in good company joining the likes of Molly-Mae Hague and Gemma Owen.

“She needs to keep building a positive personal brand and authenticity is really important.  She appears to be going only for brands she naturally loves so that’s really great to see.

“With the right team behind her, who have her best interests at heart, the sky’s the limit for Princess.”

Her brother Junior, 18, is already a success story, following in the footsteps of Peter.

He signed a deal with Colombia Records in August 2021 and has recently released his single, Only One.

Peter is teaching his daughter the dos and don'ts of life in the spotlight

Peter is teaching his daughter the dos and don’ts of life in the spotlightCredit: Instagram

Peter knows what fame is like at an early age

Peter knows what fame is like at an early age
Her parents are experienced enough to know the do’s and don’ts of life in the spotlight – even if mistakes have been made along the way.

While Katie has spoken of her mental health troubles in recent years, and has often come under scrutiny for her behaviour, both her and Peter carefully manage Princess’ social media accounts.

Both know only too well what fame is like at an early age.

Last September dad Pete was forced to speak out after Princess was accused of photoshopping holiday snaps by online trolls.

Defending herself, she told her followers: “For the people commenting about the photo apparently being edited, you can quite clearly see that it’s my hair and not the tiles.”

Pete quickly commented on her Instagram update, telling his daughter: “Sweetheart, don’t get into the habit of worrying about what people say. Be your beautiful self and enjoy life.”

Nick says it’s unlikely that any negative online comments will affect her in the coming years.

He explains: “I think she’s probably got a very thick-skin, in a good way. She’s been around her mother and her father. She’s been around controversies. She’s probably seen and heard and been thrown loads of abuse.

“So she’s probably much more attune to bullying and probably understands it’s part and parcel of this life. I don’t think this will affect her because she has very strong parents who understand it intrinsically.”

At the same age as Princess now, Peter won an Australian TV talent competition called Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, which earned him his first recording contract – believed to be worth £146,000.

The father-of four, who had hits with ‘Mysterious Girl’ and ‘I Feel You’ not only enjoyed a successful music career, but also became a reality TV favourite after winning more popularity on I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here! where he met Katie.

After their 2005 marriage, which lasted four years, the pair launched the Katie & Peter franchise on ITV2, which documented their life together.

His estimated worth was once put at £16million.

Pete – who married Emily MacDonagh in 2015 – also had wins with lucrative business ventures.

He became the face of Iceland in 2014, seeing the supermarket’s popularity soar.

In 2016, he launched his new perfume range, to a mob of frenzied fans.

He has previously described his dad Savvas, 80, as his “saviour” for investing his royalties and his financial wisdom.

He also invested in property in Australia in the 90s, as well as buying some land in Cyprus.

He has said: “When I went into the jungle in 2004, some people may have thought I went in with nothing – but unbeknown to the public , I had those investments and I was starting to really do well from them.”

Princess is often compared to Katie in her modelling heyday.

She was a teenager herself – aged 18 – when she appeared as Jordan, a name that was to follow her decades later, in The Sun.

Princess is the spitting image of Katie in her modelling heyday

Princess is the spitting image of Katie in her modelling heydayCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Katie began her career as a glamour model, and the rest is history

Katie began her career as a glamour model, and the rest is historyCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
It marked the start of a remarkable career – with her once estimated to be worth £45 million.

In the early 2000s her books sold nearly three million copies.

In 2007, she launched her own perfume, Stunning. A year later came her KP Equestrian range.

But in recent years her surgery and string of ex-husbands have garnered the most attention.

Despite going bankrupt in 2019, and landing herself with £3.2million debts, she still insists she’s “not broke” despite struggles with her flopped perfume and cosmetics empire.

Katie’s image is tarnished in a way that Princess’ is not.

Yet her connections have, without doubt, opened doors for Princess – who is as confident in the spotlight at showbiz events.

Nick Ede says: “Princess doesn’t need to work at becoming famous because she is famous through having such well-known parents.

“After Page 3, Katie Price made most of her money from doing personal appearances up and down the country. As part of that, her job was to have a laugh and have drinks.

“As an influencer, Princess just doesn’t need to do that. She’s been in the public eye since day dot so she’s a natural influencer and what she does doesn’t feel contrived. So she doesn’t need to go to events, or be overtly sexual, like her mother was, to find fame.”

And the teenager’s fashion choices already seem to be standing her apart from her controversial mother.

Unlike 45-year-old Katie, who’s faced increasing criticism in more recent years for her outlandish outfits and was once again back in the firing line for wearing Crocs on Friday night, Princess is quite the fashionista.

Princess has also been quick to say she doesn’t endorse cosmetic surgery – something her mother, who recently had her 16th boob job, is thought to have shelled out over £130,000 on over the years.

Speaking of her daughter, Katie Price has previously said: “She’s seen me have enough done to put her off. Surgery is just the norm for my kids, the amount of time they’ve seen their mum get it. If I haven’t put them off, I don’t know what will!”.

Asked by a fan on her social media channels  if she’d get anything done when she turned 18 years-old, Princess replied: “Surgery-wise, no, I would stay natural x.”

Nick adds: “Princess is portraying a much more wholesome image than her mother has and she probably won’t make any of the same mistakes her mother has during her career.”

With so much going for her, Princess is set to be a future star.

Princess has spoken out about her mum's surgeries and claims she won't be taking the same path

Princess has spoken out about her mum’s surgeries and claims she won’t be taking the same pathCredit: Alamy

Princess is a 'future star' in the making, according to brand expert Nick Ede

Princess is a ‘future star’ in the making, according to brand expert Nick Ede

The teen is so relatable, her career is only just beginning

The teen is so relatable, her career is only just beginningCredit: Instagram/@officialprincess_andre

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