Only One Person Holds the Power to Ruin Max Verstappen and His Entire Career – But She Probably Wouldn’t

Only One Person Holds the Power to Ruin Max Verstappen and His Entire Career - But She Probably Wouldn't
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In a world where online frauds and social media scams have become a fearsome reality, famous athletes like Max Verstappen have to be extremely careful with their social media activity. Imposters indulging in identity theft for several cyber crimes under a famous sportsperson’s name would ruin that sportsperson’s personality and image severely. Verstappen had to answer one such serious question in one of his interactions with a Red Bull sponsor – Arctic Wolf. The Dutchman answered that he wouldn’t mind sharing his passwords with his sister, Victoria Jane Verstappen, as she is one of the people he trusts a lot.

In a YouTube video by Red Bull Racing, Verstappen is answering such questions in this fun activity alongside his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. When asked whether sharing a password with a friend or a family member is safe, the three-time champion said, “[Yes], if you trust that family member.”

Victoria is quite close with Max, as the brother-sister duo have grown up together sharing the same passion for racing. Verstappen often hails his sister’s talent for racing and adores her a lot. Victoria’s kids are also fond of their champion uncle and the Dutchman also loves spending time with his sister and her kids.

Naturally, Victoria would be quite proud of her brother’s amazing success in F1. So, just in case, the Red Bull champ shares his passwords with her, there is no chance she would want to ruin the 26-year-old’s career and public image. Either way, Verstappen prefers to keep a low profile on his social media.

Unless there are any official sponsor commitments, interviews, or important personal life moments, Verstappen would stay away from posting any updates. Likewise, Victoria is also aware of her brother’s aversion to social media limelight.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez quizzed on cybersecurity and personal milestones

While Max Verstappen showed his openness to sharing passwords with his sister, he and Sergio Perez had some fun too in this quiz with Arctic Wolf. The Red Bull duo were messing up some basic cybersecurity questions and even questions about their personal career milestones.

Primarily, both were asked about their F1 debut results. Neither Verstappen nor Perez could guess where the other finished in their debut races. Both prompted each other how they got a disqualification [Perez] and a DNF [Verstappen] on their respective debuts.

Besides this, on the cybersecurity front, they could not answer what identity theft is, which is a tricky one to guess perhaps. However, when it came to basic online rules such as having a birthdate or name in a password and all, Perez answered with ease.

Apparently, on giving any wrong answers, the duo had to destroy a sand replica of the RB20 with a water jet spray. So, one may guess that the Red Bull duo may have botched some answers on purpose to have the fun of destroying the sand car replica!

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