“Negative story, scandal after scandal”: Angels announcer spits fire after league took back a hit and ended Nolan Schanuel’s on-base streak

“Negative story, scandal after scandal”: Angels announcer spits fire after league took back a hit and ended Nolan Schanuel’s on-base streak

Los Angeles Angels v Miami Marlins

Los Angeles Angels v Miami Marlins

A lot is happening in the MLB, and the game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Boston Red Sox became the perfect setting for the Angels announcer Wayne Randazzo to vent out his frustration about it.

After the MLB announced a scoring change on Friday that broke Nolan Schanuel’s on-base streak, Randazzo took a jibe at the league and talked about the pressing matters of baseball.

The rant started when Nolan Schanuel was grounded out in the first inning by Garrett Whitlock.

“Negative story after negative story, scandal after scandal, a fiasco in Oakland,” the announcer said on live broadcast.

“You have these ridiculous looking jerseys, you have the MLBPA challenging the league about the pitch clock today because of constant pitcher injuries, and yet, not to mention your global superstar (Shohei Ohtani) is embroiled in a betting scandal.”

Randazzo also sympathized with what Schanuel might be going through after knowing that his record streak ended on March 30.

“But on top of all of that, you have a young player trying to make a name for himself who has come up and reach base safely in every single game that he has played, and the league allows this scoring change to go on to end his streak, kill this story, a positive story that’s happening in Major League Baseball. It is an absurdity,” the announcer added.

MLB updated a scoring change, Angels’ Nolan Schanuels’s on-base streak ended

The league announced on Friday about a scoring change, which ended Nolan Schanuel’s impressive on-base streak of 30 games. Entering Friday’s game, Schanuel was riding a 35-game on-base streak until the league updated.

Schanuel’s ninth-inning hit against the Baltimore Orioles was changed from an infield single to a dropped catch error charged to reliever Mike Baumann. If not for the alteration, Schanuel would have extended his on-base streak to 36 games after reaching base via walk.

When Schanuel learned about the change, he was disappointed.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s time to move on,” Schanuel said. “I’ve got bigger goals, win more games, and I’m always focused on the team. It’s my No. 1 priority.”

Angels manager Ron Washington expressed his frustration on the scoring change.

“I don’t think it was right,” Washington said. “What’s most important is winning ballgames, but I would’ve liked to see his streak continue.”

Nonetheless, Nolan Schanuel joins the coveted list to start a career with a long on-base streak. The Angels player trails Alvin Davis (47) and Truck Hannah (38) for the third-longest on-base streak to start an MLB career.

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