Madonna is given a royal welcome with giant flag on top of the O2 Arena

Madonna is given a royal welcome with giant flag on top of the O2 Arena

MADONNA has been given a royal welcome to London – with a giant flag on top of the O2 Arena.

The Queen of Pop, 65, was immortalised in a huge red and gold “royal standard” before starting her sell-out world tour this Saturday.

The red and gold banner featured a snap from Madonna's 1986 True Blue album cover

The red and gold banner featured a snap from Madonna’s 1986 True Blue album coverCredit: Luke Dyson / COW PR

The giant flag will stay on top of the O2 throughout Madonna's five-night run of shows

The giant flag will stay on top of the O2 throughout Madonna’s five-night run of showsCredit: Luke Dyson / COW PR
It features an iconic image from her 1986 True Blue album cover and was specially designed by Flying Colours Flagmakers – which also makes flags for the royal family.

The Like A Virgin singer’s special red and gold banner will stay at full mast on the roof of the O2 throughout her five headline shows.

It will also remain in place throughout October and November, before Madonna returns for two more London shows in December.

The music icon will kick off her 78-show Celebration Tour at the 20,000-seat venue on Saturday.

More than 90,000 fans will pack the stadium across her five-night run, which lasts until Wednesday.

A second version of the flag – also emblazoned with Madonna’s trademark logo – will be displayed on the stadium’s concourse for fans to take their own snaps.

O2 Arena boss Steve Sayer said: “Madonna has been at the forefront of the genre and part of pop culture for four decades, and we’re very proud that this hotly anticipated tour kicks off right here at The O2.

“This Royal Standard flag feels like a fitting tribute to pop royalty, and the perfect way to kick off six incredible shows.

“Thanks to LiveNation and of course the Queen of Pop herself for making this happen.

“We know it will create a really exciting moment for the thousands of fans visiting the venue for this incredible show.”

The Material Girl singer is already in the UK for the massively anticipated tour, which was delayed due to a bacterial infection which put the star in intensive care in June.

She was released from hospital after several days – adding she realised “how lucky I am to be alive”.

Yesterday we revealed she had rented out all 40 rooms of Manchester’s Stock Exchange Hotel – owned by ex-Man United star Gary Neville – to use as a practice venue.

Madonna rented out the whole of Gary Neville's Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester

Madonna rented out the whole of Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange Hotel in ManchesterCredit: Splash

The star said she realised "how lucky I am to be alive" after a terrifying hospital dash in June.

The star said she realised “how lucky I am to be alive” after a terrifying hospital dash in June.Credit: instagram

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