Is MLB’s pitch clock contributing to pitchers’ injuries? Exploring possible reasons behind latest uptick in pitching casualties

Is MLB’s pitch clock contributing to pitchers’ injuries? Exploring possible reasons behind latest uptick in pitching casualties

MLB pitchers continue to struggle with injuries

MLB pitchers continue to struggle with injuries

Pitching injuries in MLB have become more common recently. Several pitchers have been dealing with injuries since the start of the 2024 regular season. From Spencer Strider to Shane Bieber, teams have seen top pitchers walk off the field more often.

Pitching casualties are on the rise and a few possible reasons could be the cause. Here’s a look at the possible reasons for pitchers to go down with injuries more frequently.

Avoiding the MLB pitch clock violation

We’re all aware of the pitch clock violation. Many believe that pitchers get more strain keeping up with the pitch clock. Tony Clark, the executive director of the MLB Players Association, stated that the pitch clock is one of the primary reasons for pitcher injuries.

Pitchers have less time to recover from a hard-throwing pitch with the clock ticking. However, MLB has not seen this as a cause. The pitch clock is going to stay, and it cannot be ruled out as a possibility for player injuries.

Use of substances

Players using foreign substances to generate a spin is not unknown. Several pitchers were accustomed to using such substances, and when asked to stop, it did affect their performance.

After the crackdown on these substances, pitchers were forced to use force or add extra effort to generate a spin. While it might not have had an immediate effect, there is a chance of getting injured according to some pitchers.

Pushing the limits

Pitchers tend to push hard, especially when there is pressure mounting. Almost every pitcher wants to throw the best fastball. It’s also pointless for pitchers to throw a slow curveball. Hence, they push their limits, which eventually results in injury.

Over the years, the fastball velocity and the breaking ball spin rpm have only increased. The competition gets tougher and players do their best to stay ahead. Pitchers put in their maximum effort most of the time to deliver the best results.

It’s a hard battle for the MLB pitching staff to stay consistent with their performance. Avoiding injuries is tough, but a few changes might help to reduce them. Many believe that the pitch clock has been the cause of more injuries.

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