Is Lewis Hamilton Married??? – after many love rumors and his famous relationships.

It is no secret that every Formula 1 driver is married to the sport. The drivers live and breathe racing 24×7, which is how it has been for ages. This level of dedication results in podiums, race wins, and eventually championships for a driver. Keeping that in mind, Lewis Hamilton has seven world championships, 103 wins, and 191 podiums.

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These incredible stats are a result of years of discipline and consistency and Hamilton is definitely married to the sport. The constant traveling and preparation leave no room for anything else. However, the drivers do take out time to maintain a healthy personal and social life. This is where their relationships come in. We are all aware Hamilton has had a few, but apart from the sport, what is the Brit’s marital status? Let’s find out!

Is Lewis Hamilton Married?

Ever since Lewis Hamilton announced himself to the world in 2007, his life has become an open book. The British world champion always has the public eye on him and nothing is ever hidden. Naturally, the Mercedes man’s dating life often became a topic of discussion. One question that many still ponders is whether Hamilton Married.

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A simple answer is no. The seven-time world champion has not found the woman of his dreams and reminds single to this day. When quizzed multiple times about the reason, the recently turned 38-year-old gave his answer to Express. Hamilton revealed to the news outlet, “I’m a workaholic. I don’t have time for it.”

“When you travel as much as I do it’s hard to keep up a relationship, so I’m of the mindset that I’m not going to do that until I’ve stopped and no longer have to be so single-minded,” he added.

Just one of many sacrifices Hamilton has made to stay on top of his game and the completion on his journey to seven championship titles.

Although the world champion does dream of having a normal life away from the sport. In fact, the Brit also revealed he plans to have kids and wants “to be a good and present dad”. These plans will have to wait, however, because of his hectic schedule.

Although his search for the “somebody special” continues and only one person came close to it.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger: The couple that lasted the longest

Hamilton’s longest and most notable relationship to date has been with Nicole Scherzinger. The Brit met the American singer and TV personality during his McLaren days back in 2008. The pair dated on and off before splitting up for good in 2015. The eight-year-long relationship has been Hamilton’s longest and the only time the Brit was committed to one woman for a long period.

However, the two never considered marriage because of their hectic lives and long-distance nature of their relationship. Although there was a time when Hamilton felt pressurized to pop the question.

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In 2014, one year before their breakup, Hamilton and Scherzinger were rumored to be in the process of getting engaged. However, Hamilton never popped the question. However, according to Standard Media, Hamilton felt the pressure to diffuse the situation by putting their work first.

He confessed, “I’m certainly feeling pressure, heat from family members. But Nicole’s massively focused on her work the same as I am. We’re happy just way we are.”

After his split with Scherzinger, the Brit has been living his single life and focusing on racing. However, the Brit has been enjoying his single life as well, with his fair share of girlfriends.

A list of Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriends

The breakup with Scherzinger was a heartbreaking one for both couples. However, the two picked themselves up and went their separate ways. Scherzinger is engaged to ex-rugby player Thom Evans after dating for three years since 2019.

Hamilton, on the other hand, hasn’t dated anyone for more than a couple of years since his split with Scherzinger. Let’s take a look at the list.

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Hamilton’s celebrity dating history began long before his Formula 1 debut. The Brit dated Danielle Lloyd back in 2002/03 for six months. The couple broke up because of the long-distance nature of the relationship but remained friends.

After Lloyd, Hamilton started dating Jodie Ma in 2003 and continued till 2007, making it his second-longest relationship. Sandwiched between Jodie Ma and Nicole Scherzinger was a brief spell where Hamilton was rumored to date Lotta Hinsta and Vivian Burkhardt.

We have a list for Hamilton’s life post Scherzinger. Let’s take a look.

      Rihanna (2015)
      Veronica Valle (2015)
      Rita Ora (2016-2017)
      Barbara Palvin (2017-2018)
      Winnie Harlow (2016,2018)
      Sofia Richie (2017)
      Nicki Minaj (2016, 2018)
      Zahra Elise (2019)
      Viktoria Odintcova
      Camila Kendra (2022)
    Juliana Nalu (2023)

Juliana Nala is Hamilton’s latest rumored girlfriend as the two were briefly spotted together cozying up with other during their trip to Antarctica. Neither had confirmed their relationship. However, that has been the nature of most of Hamilton’s relationship: rumored but never confirmed.

Do you think Hamilton will ever settle down? A plan for life after Formula 1, perhaps!

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